Friday, September 24, 2010

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Collage and Birds

©Jane Farr Calligraphy & Design LLC

When I am finished with a job and get toward the bottom of my inkwell, the ink gets gunky.  Although it's not good to use for my regular work,  I hate to let it go to waste.  I enjoy getting out my brushes and sponges to play.  Brushes and sponges work great to swab out the bottom of the inkwell.  I have no idea where I'm going with these pieces....Sometimes it's great just to work intuitively! :)

The above bird is part of a rough draft for a commission I did last week.  I don't usually like doing birds, but I was happy with how this one turned out.

I thought he needed a little something to carry. :)  I want to scan him into Photoshop Elements and play.  I am afraid I am going to forget all the things I learned from my PSE class earlier this year!

Happy Flourish Friday everyone - enjoy your weekend!
:) Jane


  1. Lovely, Jane! (And I am the same way about not wanting to waste my ink. I like your sponged ink painting idea...I have often stroked my leftover paints onto envelopes for backgroundsor onto papers for collage materials. Have never done it with inks. Bright idea!

  2. Great use of your ink. I love the birds, too GORGEOUS!

  3. yes, sometimes that's the best way to play, to begin with no ending in mind.

    love the birdie!

    Have a great weekend Jane!!

  4. How beautiful - I have always loved old calligraphy illustrations and it is nice to see the tradition continues! Deb

  5. Jane, I LOVE the first image of your "intuitive" work - especially the face. I also love your combination of color and texture. Looks like great fun! Very inspiring to me.

    Have a lovely weekend~~

  6. I agree that you need to play with what you've learned otherwise...what's the point. You, my dear friend, play so well. Love your face and bird "luggage". I say luggage because I'm packing and readying for a trip to Portland Art and Soul.
    Have fun in your play.

  7. Bird is excellent! loved the little carrying thing you added.

  8. Hi, Jane, I love the playing with the ink. I never thought of doing that with the "leftovers" and your bird is lovely as well.

  9. Hello Jane! I was doing a report over calligraphy when I came across your lovely bird! I would like to have this made into a tattoo, but of course I need your permission to. So I ask, may I? Of course full credit is yours

    1. Hello Ashleigh! Thank you for your comment and kind words about my work. As a professional calligrapher, I charge for the use of my work. I am contacted regularly from people that are interested in the use of my bird, including using it for a tattoo. Feel free to email me (carmelscribe(at)gmail(dot)com) to request a quote. Thank you!


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