Friday, September 3, 2010

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Illuminated Letters

I received a call for entries from the Columbus Center for Paper and Book Arts (CCPBA/European Papers).  Artists were asked to create two illuminated letters for the CCPBA's upcoming "Books and Letters" exhibit. The letters could be based on historical samples or created from scratch.  Each artist chose one letter and was assigned one letter.  I chose "F" and was assigned "P."  I based both of my letters on historical samples.  I did the above "F" with watercolor pencils.  I used a small pointed brush, touched it to clear water and then touched it lightly onto the tip of the colored pencil before applying to the paper.  I didn't put the pencil directly to the paper.

The "P' is a combination of Zentangles and flourishes. I used a Hiro 700 nib and Moon Palace Sumi.  Someday I will actually try a REAL illuminated letter.  I bought the supplies after taking a mini-workshop with the amazing Rosemary Buczek at the 2009 IAMPETH convention. 
....Heavy list of things "to try" never seems to grow shorter...

Wishing you a flourishy Friday, and a happy Labor Day weekend to those here in the USA!


  1. i love them.......i absolutely LOVE them!!!! two completely different techniques, and i love them both!!! have a great weekend, jane!!! xox, :))

  2. Hi Jane! We are on the same track. I have been drawing letters and looking at my handouts from Rosemary. I have also been drawing some Sherri Kiesel-like letters which I LOVE but have never taken a class from her.

    This is a wonderful P and F!!! I just received the paint pallet Rosemary uses which is like a color wheel because she paints from a limited pallet---which I am going to try! Yikes.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Did that show up??? Oh goodness, this is what I think I have figured out about blogger. If you accidently post when your meant to schedule it for the next day then it must post on people's blog rolls even if you remove it within seconds. Yes, that is my Sherri "A" that I will post tomorrow. I love drawing letters. It's so relaxing and fun.

  4. Lovely work!!!!!! You are a natural at Illuminated letters!


  5. Love, love, love them!!!

    I agree with Heather, you have a natural talent for doing these illuminated letters.

    I would love to hear what is in Rosemary's kit, if you would email me. I took her class a few years back, but she did not have a supply set.

    Have a beautiful, long weekend~~

  6. Hi, Jane, your decorated letters are wonderful. I like the black and white one! It has so many interesting textures. Great job!!

  7. These are SO neat! I love letters. I *really* love these letters. Great work! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  8. Love your F and P. I particularly like the combo of zen and flourish.

    I'm with you on the the list that doesn't get shorter. I'm hoping to have so much on my list that God will pass me over for a very long time.
    Beautiful work girlfriend...

  9. Absolutely beautiful work! I have been away from calligraphy for a long time, too long in fact and your work inspires me, as does Martha Lever's :D I am into making handmade books and I think I just might have to add some calligraphy to them to spruce them up a bit more :D
    Thank you for sharing your work...

  10. Love the letters! Will they be published in a book or on display at European Papers??

  11. I learned a lot by looking at that second "P". Thank you for helping me pull together my calligraphy and tangling. Most helpful...and you do such lovely work.


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