Friday, October 30, 2009

Flourish Friday with Bill Lilly

I have been doing wedding work all week and haven't played with any new flourishes. Instead of my work, today's Flourish Friday features the amazing work of Master Penman William Lilly. How about this gorgeous envie he sent me this week?! His Old English and Engrosser's Script are stunning. These next three photos show you why Bill is famous for his Engrosser's Script.

My family had the pleasure of visiting Bill and his wife, Sandy, at their home this past summer. We had a great time. Bill treated us to demonstrations of his script writing as well as his paper cutting. He can cut the most intricate and amazing shapes out of paper - all freeform, no guide lines. Tom, Rachel, Matt and I were amazed. The walls of Bill's studio are filled with examples of his work as well as the work of others from around the world. Bill has inspired and instructed many people over the years.

This is a peek at a copy of Bill's Flourished Capitals Exemplar. This photo doesn't do it justice. It is full of beautiful and elaborate details. Bill is selling color copies of this exemplar on his blog. Order yours today by clicking here. To visit the main page of Bill Lilly's blog, click here.

Here I am with the incredible Mr. Lilly. In good weather he bikes up to 25 miles per day. He also loves to rollerblade. He's a woodworker and makes beautiful oblique pens. I really look up to Bill. He's a great encourager and friend. Wishing you all a Flourished Friday!


  1. Hi Jane,
    What a treat to see your post today and see the work of Bill Lilly. Oh my goodness, what a privilege to be in his studio! Absolute stunning work. I would love to see his paper cutting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Holy moly!!! Bill's calligraphy is astonishingly beautiful! I can't imagine how he does it, nor how you do your incredible work. Thanks for showing us.

  3. Wow! I've never heard of Bill, but his work is amazing. Your letter is beautiful too!

  4. thanks for introducing us to bill......his letterforms are exquisite!! and what treasures those envelopes are!! it's wonderful to see someone so passionate about engrossing.....thanks for sharing this with us!! :))

  5. What fun to visit his studio - he looks like a very kind man and reminds me of Uncle Dick! ox

  6. Jane.. Bill and I have corresponded, too, and he has sent me photos in the mail. What a sweetheart! I only hope to MEET him one day. Glad you shared your wonderful experience. Trish Taylor


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