Friday, August 27, 2010

Calligraphy Flourish Friday: Journals & Flourishing Exercises

Inspired by this post at Lori Vliegen's "Elvie Studio," I created this background using Tim Holtz Distress Inks (Antique Linen and Faded Jeans) and gesso. I used a Hiro 700 nib and navy gouache for the lettering.  I really like the technique (thanks Lori!) and found it easy to letter on top of both the Distress Ink and the gesso.

I also tried this same technique in my Moleskine journal.

The text is from a James MacDonald "Weekly Walk" devotional on the power of forgiveness based on Ephesians 4:31-32.  I love James MacDonald's "Walk in the Word" program on Moody Radio. I used the same Hiro 700 nib with sumi for the lettering.

Here are some flourishing exercises I worked on yesterday.  I used an Esterbrook 356 nib and Moon Palace sumi. You can easily see the ones I tried to do off-hand, without guidelines. Obviously, I do much better with the help of a guideline or two or three...
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
Put a little flourish in your Friday!


  1. Thank you for your post, Jane! I really like how you incorporated such wonderful truths into a very nice & creative piece. I also love James MacDonald's radio program. He blesses me. And I like the good catchy tune of the song that goes with the program... "Walk, walk in the Word. Walk in the Word..." :)

    Jane, your art blesses me. Thank you! :)


  2. Those are beautiful, Jane. I wanted to stay and read and re-read the James Macdonald piece because the more I did, the more the Truth about forgiveness settled in me -- it was like I was hearing the radio program with my eyes. :o) I also loved your casual and free pointed pen work -- it totally works with the conversational nature of the piece. Thank you!

  3. Such good work, Jane. I especially love the moleskin journal. The variation in letter sizes and thicknesses creates great visual interest as well as contrast. I also, love that you layered the text.

    I have not read the MacDonald book mentioned but am going to find it.

  4. Gorgeous!! I love those distress inks. They make such a pretty background to your beautiful work!

  5. HI, Jane, your background and lettering are so beautiful and love the message. Your comment on my blog made me laugh out load. You already are a Dancing Star so your gestation period must be over! (:

    Have a great weekend.

  6. boy, you sure have been having some serious fun with that esterbrook!!! i LOVE what you did with the gesso/distress ink!!!! those colors look fabulous together, but your lettering is the real star!!! your moleskine is an absolute masterpiece, jane!! and i think those flourishing "exercises" are ready for a frame!!! happy lettering this weekend!! xoxox, :))
    p.s. thanks for the linky love....xoxo

  7. I love the distress ink piece and of course, your calligraphy is always awesome, the flourishes are amazing!

  8. This is a fabulous piece. I can't wait to try the technique. I saw it on Lori's blog then forgot to do it! I have to do it now. Your lettering is wonderful and I think the Esterbrook 356 is my favorite---or is it the 357? After going to IAMPETH I finally understand off hand flourishing. And I said understand--not do!!!! You do a great job!

  9. Fun stuff! Love what you've been doing.

  10. Beautiful work Mom!
    I really like the Moleskine pages!

    I just did a new post on my manuscript ^_^

  11. What joyful work, Jane!

    I really loved the forgiveness piece and want to go out and buy the book now. I have never heard of MacDonald, but I am popping over to check out the link. These quotes are wonderful and I found myself really considering them thoughtfully.

    Have a beautiful week~~

  12. Exercise looks damn neat! without guidelines, sigh!

  13. What fun, Jane! I do so many things these days I forget to letter play. You seem to do it so well so there is something wonderful to be said about focus. Thanks for that! Great post!

  14. awesome! i wonder how many exercises it takes to make calligraphy like yours!


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