Thursday, March 12, 2009

Drafting and Calligraphy in Full Circle

My dad gifted me his old drafting set. (Let's just say he can take a hint...)
He used it during his undergrad days at Purdue University and then as a Professional Engineer. I've played with one of the ruling pens before just to try some expressive calligraphy, but this week I've been using the compasses for some wedding calligraphy pieces.  As I was working, I remembered that in elementary school I could never remember which was the compass and which was the protractor. 

Here is a peek at one of the calligraphy pieces on which I'm working.  I say it's wedding work, but I think the text would be applicable to many relationships not just marriage.  I have put the "love is" verses of 1 Corinthians 13 in my own words and am lettering the text on a round of watercolor paper.  I'm going in circles, but enjoying every minute of it.

Here is a peek at another piece on which I am working.  Lately, I have received many requests regarding Quaker style marriage certificates.  For this type of certificate, the guests at the wedding sign the certificate as witnesses and supporters to the union.  I think it's a beautiful tradition. I decided I needed to have a sample on hand, so I am using my husband's and my wedding information for the text.  I am going to do the border with off-hand flourishing.

It was wonderful to use my dad's compass for the border line and then to letter his name on the certificate.  It was a coming "full circle" kind of moment for me!


  1. Your talent astounds me! This is so beautiful. Not just the calligraphy, but the watercolor is amazing!

  2. hi jane! how wonderful to be using your dad's drafting set! i inherited some of my father-in-law's painting tools...somehow, i think that i always paint better when i'm using his old brushes. your letterforms are beautiful and i really love the idea of the Quaker marriage certificate. i'll bet it's stunning when it's all finished!

  3. Thank you Lisa and Lori! I am happy with how the Quaker certificate is coming along. :-)


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