Monday, March 23, 2009

Hee Haw

I was in charge of table decorations for a country and western themed event held this past weekend.  Here's a peek at what I dreamed up. The calligraphy was done with a brush marker. There was plenty of square dancing (and line dancing) - I can barely walk today!  Sad, it's true.  I think everyone had a great time, even though I'm pretty sure most of us hadn't been square dancing since junior high P.E. class.

I added a gingham ribbon and bow to a food can with the label stripped off for the vases.  I special ordered the daisy style mums from Costco for cheap.  The hats and bandannas are from local Kipp Brothers, but they ship anywhere.  Giddy up!


  1. this looks like it was a super fun party!! your brush lettered place cards are wonderful...and all of your party decorations are great!! yee-haw, girl!! :)

  2. Oh Jane how cute!!! And that lettering on the place cards is fabulous! Thanks for visiting today!!

  3. Hi Jane! Thanks for visiting my studio today!!!


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