Friday, July 31, 2009

Flourish Friday - July 31

For today's Flourish Friday, I thought I'd show you a few of my treasures. Most are from the IAMPETH convention. One evening during the convention, there was a Round Robin where any member could host a show-and-tell station. Last week's Flourish Friday post showed you a technique that Barbara Calzolari demonstrated during Round Robin night. There were probably 20 or more stations to visit, and I know I didn't get to all of them before the night was over.
This was what Maria Thomas of Pendragon did at her station. She had designed and created these beautiful cards with the Tennessee state flower - the Purple Iris - and then left a blank area to fill in names during the Round Robin. Isn't it beautiful? Maria and her husband, Rick, are the creators of Zentangle. You can see a photo of me with Maria during the Round Robin here.

On another night, several IAMPETH instructors and Master Penmen were penning names for IAMPETH members and for anyone from the Nashville community. White House calligrapher, Rick Muffler, penned the above for me. You can see a photo of Rick here. Directly behind him in the photo is his sweet and kind mother, Marie. Marie was a real trooper. Next to Marie is Rick's wife, Jenny - a wonderful and friendly person and a terrific calligrapher. You can visit Jenny's website here.

The above was done by John DeCollibus. He makes working large look sooo easy. You can see a photo of John at the Round Robin here.

And this is an envelope and signature from the great Master Penman Bill Lilly. Even though Bill wasn't at the convention, I could definitely feel his presence there. All of these scribes have been so generous with their time and talent. IAMPETH is a special group of people.

Happy Flourish Friday!


  1. Oh my my my!!! How beautiful they all are!!

  2. wow sure brought home lots of treasures!! they are all just gogeous! i can't imagine being a White House exciting (and i'm sure stressful, at times!)! :)

  3. Pretty! I like the one John DeCollibus did of your name!

  4. All those wonderful goodies!!!! Thanks for sharing!


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