Friday, September 18, 2009

Flourish Friday - September 18

As you may know, I love to make the circular designs that I learned in my guild's 2005 workshop with Pat Blair. I call them mandalas. I think I enjoy making them so much because the design possibilities are endless. I decided to keep a record of all the different elements I could incorporate into my mandalas. Keeping a record like this is something I learned from Barbara Close. I've taken two, separate workshops from her. Although the workshops were very different from one another, each time she had us keep a record of the techniques or variations we were learning. If only I would do this record keeping more often, because my memory is like Swiss cheese! I quickly filled the page with different ideas, and I could easily do more - and should!

I normally do mandalas that start in the center, and then I pull the strokes out toward the edge - like spokes on a wheel. These mandalas are different, and I think I will start calling them wreaths instead. I would like to do some very large. These are only 4 inch squares.

I have uploaded more mandalas and wreaths - and even some squares - over at Flickr. You can check them out here.
Go add some flourish to your Friday! :-)


  1. These are beautiful. I have taken a class with Barbara Close and we did the record keeping grid. I with I would do more of this image/idea record keeping too! Have a great weekend, Jane!

  2. How very creative. You do great work.

  3. Thanks once again for more inspiration. Keeping record is such a great idea! For me, once it's out of sight, it's out of mind. Having a go-to book of all the ideas I've had would be so helpful.

  4. love the mandalas!! I have a thing for circles!!

    I love that song by Natalie Grant too. I was driving along and it came on my radio, I had not heard it before and it so spoke to my heart!! It fit my journal page perfectly!!

    I need to get her CD!!

    Have a great day!

  5. Wonderful designs Jane.....your lovely work just might inspire me to go look for my pointy pens! :)

  6. Marvelous Ms. Jean. I became a fan of you. I am trying to adopt your styles.

    Best Regards
    Hyderabad, India


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