Friday, April 23, 2010

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Artiscape Update

Rachel and I had a great time at Lisa Ohmer's "Artiscape" last weekend.  My first workshop was "Wax Gone Wild" with Trish Baldwin Seggebruch. It was a blast! Trish supplied everything we needed to work in encaustic.  For the piece above, "peace" was done with a rubber stamp.

On the left, Trish demonstrates laying the wax on the birch board. The center is a sample piece I did on clayboard. The "love" lettering is a transfer I did of my own brush lettering.  For the piece on the right, I practiced impressing and embedding.  The lettering was done with a ZIG marker on scrapbook paper.

Here is a close up.  I think there are about 8 layers of wax to this point.

This is the beautiful and talented Trish.  Once the crush of bridal season is over, I would like to experiment more fully with encaustic.  I have Trish's book "Encaustic Workshop" and DVD "Encaustic Collage Workshop" which I highly recommend if you're interested in working in this medium. She will have a second book coming out in 2011.
Please visit Trish's website here and her blog here.

Rachel's first workshop was "By the Book" with Carol Kimball (sorry no links). She made book covers for two, tiny books as well as a set of earrings and a few pendants. All these pieces were made with a special metal clay which Carol took home overnight and fired in her kiln.  Rachel really enjoyed the workshop.

Rachel and I took two workshops with Jacqueline Sullivan. The first was "Experimental Water Media." We worked mostly wet on wet, pouring the watercolor onto the wet paper. We then applied all sorts of fun things to the damp watercolor to get interesting patterns and textures. Above, Jacqueline demonstrates  using Daniel Smith Powdered Metallic Watercolor.

We made pages using plastic wrap, salt, sand, lace, alcohol, metallic powders, charcoal, pastels, Golden's Tar Gel and Rit dye.
We cut pieces from our sample pages to make a book.

This is my finished book.
The piano hinge binding using wooden skewers about did me in!
The great thing is - I still have lots of delicious paper left over to use for future projects.
Here is Rach with her completed book and the lovely and amazing Jacqueline.  Jacqueline will be teaching this same workshop at the Greater Cincinnati Calligrapy Guild in May.  Please visit Jacqueline's website here and her blog here.  At her website, you can visit her gallery of beautiful calligraphy and also order her DVD on layering with acrylics.

Our second workshop with Jacqueline was "Mini Book Madness." We made 4 structures in 3 hours!  Here is my "Gallery Book" which features little viewing windows.  I love the little buttons Jackie gave us. They are really brads, and Jackie said they are by K and Company (I think) and you can find them with scrapbooking supplies.

This little book is called an "envelope book." We used little coin envelopes for the pages which we will be able to slide little tags into.

The book below is called a "layered book."
Finally, this is Rachel's "Star Book."
She added a charm for embellishment.
Here, you can see why it's called a "Star Book."

Here we are at Lisa Ohmer's shop "European Papers." We are standing beneath the calligraphy ATCs.  The gallery and shop at European Papers was wonderful. I wish there was a comparable shop in Indy! Wishing you a great and flourishy weekend!


  1. I have always wanted to attend Artiscape but Oklahoma is just too far away! It's so cool that you and your daughter had time together to take classes...what a special treat!

    And OMG....I love your end results. Terrific projects!

  2. Awesome photos!!!!! Looks like you and your daughter had a wonderful time. So glad you could treat yourselves. The encaustic looks very intriguing!!

  3. Wowie Zowie! That looks like fun and your book is gorgeous!

  4. You must be filled to the brim with ideas and inspiration. I love what you and your daughter created. I'm getting contact inspiration high and now want to play with encaustics. I'm so happy you had a wonderful experience. All the samples express that.

  5. HI, Jane, thanks for sharing all the books and links. Fantastic work. I would love to learn all those new books. SO cool. I met Jacqueline at a Calligraphic convention and have one of her metallic videos. Isn't she so creativ? Thanks so much for sharing, love your blog!!

  6. Jane, Your pictures show how much fun you had. How nice that you and Rachel could share the experience. I'm taking Jacqueline's workshop in Cincy next month. I hope I can take the time to go! You've made it look very enticing.

  7. Jane, what great fun for you and your daughter!
    I love the work you are doing. Your book is fabulous!!
    You never fail to inspire me.
    Have a lovely weekend~~

  8. I had fun going to Artiscape with you! The piano hinge book turned out very nicely. I need to finish embellishing mine when I get home!

  9. Oh WOW---it's almost too much to take in at one time!!! It must have been such a fun and special time and such beautiful thing you made!

  10. Looks like you had so much fun! You made so many cool pieces... I love what you did with the wax!

  11. Oh thank you for showing us the gorgeous results of your weekend! I can't wait to check out all the links, too. Wonderful picture of you and Rachel, too.

  12. WOW!!! You and Rachel did beautiful art! I can't believe how much you two did. Everything looks so wonderful. How fun to take classes with your daughter. Thanks for sharing all your creations!

  13. What a full weekend! I loved seeing your first works in encaustic. I just finished a weekend workshop with Victoria Pittman (Tortured Metals) and she said she feels about encaustics the way she first felt when she picked up a calligraphy pen. She is completely exhilarated and can't get enough. I wonder if it'll grab you the same way! :o)

  14. WOWO!!simply superb!
    loved all the stuff with wax...great going

  15. oh my goodness.....where to begin?!! your projects are fabulous, jane....i'm so glad you had a great time!! i'm especially impressed with all of your book structures, and your encaustic work is magnificent!! xox, :))

  16. Oh my, what a wonderful week! I love the encaustic - I have recently bought a book, wax and some damar resin to see if I could have a go at it myself at home, so this has inspired me more! Perhaps one of my final experimental letters will be encaustic!

    I loved the range of books you made as well - piano hinge CAN drive you crazy!

    Go well


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