Friday, August 13, 2010

Fraktur Quaker Wedding Certificate

I created this Pennsylvania Dutch Fraktur - Quaker style wedding certificate for sweet, bride Margaret. You can read more about it and see more photos of the certificate on my wedding blog by clicking here.

Hobby Lobby just opened a new and BIGGER store within walking distance of me.
(My poor husband, Tom, has every reason to worry!)  I tried to behave, but they had these great, flourishy mugs for 50% off!

I thought $5 was reasonable for all this flourishy goodness!

Happy Flourish Friday.
I hope it is cooler where you are than it is in Indiana!
Enjoy your weekend. :)


  1. Hi Jane,
    Your wedding certificate is lovely, I know they will be thrilled to have it and big congrats on your new HobbyLobby- woohoo of course I love the mug! I wish I could say that it's cooler here but . . . it's still hot- Happy weekend!

  2. what a beautiful wedding certificate!

    love the mugs!

  3. Jane those mugs are perfect for you. A real steal at $5.

  4. oh my goodness, jane......this certificate is absolutely GORGEOUS!! i'll bet sweet margaret is thrilled!! and please tell your hubby that my dutch boy would be ecstatic if all i came home with from hobby lobby were some $5 mugs.....especially since they look like they were MADE for you!! xox, :))

  5. Love the wedding certificate! Well done, Jane! And thanks for sharing the mug with us. I really like the way the flourish goes inside the cup. I think I need to head over to HL and get a few of those for gifts for my calligraphic friends!

    Keep cool! I hear the weather is supposed to change for the better tomorrow!

  6. Oh my, a Hobby Lobby within walking distance??? I would be in big trouble for sure!!!! Except I would drive the walking distance because I couldn't carry home all my purchases.
    This is a lovely certificate, Jane. IAMPETH was just too wonderful for words. The teachers are wonderful and the people were so nice and I know that I will enjoy keeping up with my new friends. Next year it is in Pheonix so I need to start saving my money now!

  7. No Hobby Lobby in CA that I know of and my husband is beyond thankful! Maybe you could design some flourishy mugs of your own!

  8. Thank you for sharing
    This fabulous work with us
    Good creations


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