Friday, November 5, 2010

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Trinket Bird

©Jane Farr Calligraphy & Design LLC
I am saddened of the recent and sudden passing of Mike Meador of Coffee Break Designs.  The news made me long to dig into my stash of Coffee Break quirkiness.  Mike always carried the most unique items. My daughter and I loved going to the annual Coffee Break Designs warehouse sale. He and his family were always so warm and welcoming. I made the piece above using an ATC sized piece of acrylic I bought from Mike.  I've always liked this saying.

Here is another Coffee Break treasure.

I painted the spacers and covered the bird and its base with some of my flourishing which I had scanned and printed.

©Jane Farr Calligraphy & Design LLC

 I added a little, red heart salvaged from an old earring. The earring was in a giant bag of old jewelry my daughter bought at a vintage clothing shop in Broad Ripple.  I think Mike would have liked that.  
I know for certain he is enjoying his eternal reward.
Today would have been my mom's 79th birthday. She too is enjoying the party of all parties.

Don't just enjoy your weekend dear friends; enjoy your life.

(((Big Hugs)))


  1. hearing the news of mike is sad, indeed. i have many of his kits and other items......and you're right, he always offered unique things! i know he would be smiling at the way you created this bird trinket......especially with the sweet red heart as the perfect finishing touch! i think that he would absolutely appreciate the acrylic piece you did, too.....and who wouldn't LOVE those fabulous letterforms?!!!! hope you enjoy your weekend, jane! xox, :))

  2. Hi, Jane, I love your little bird with the heart inside. I have never heard of Coffee Break Designs but can so understand the heart pain when I friend dies. We had a wonderful lady at our church die recently, she was 102! I loved her, she was amazing. Keeping you in my thoughts <3 and sending love and blessings,

  3. I will miss Mike & going to his big garage sale :( I like what you did with the bird and the red earring! And I like the ATC at the top :]

  4. Sad about your friends passing. I'm very sorry. We have to celebrate each day with people we care about.
    I love what you created in his honor...a small treasure indeed for remembering.
    Hope all is better at your end. I'm thinking about you.


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