Friday, November 19, 2010

Flourish Friday - Waxing Poetic Jewelry

Patti Pagliei of Waxing Poetic jewelry contacted me last year to do some flourished script for a new line of charms she was creating.  These are just a few of the designs I did for her.

I'm not sure how Patti's carvers managed to maintain the thin strokes as well as they did.  I'm sure it was quite a challenge - especially given the small size!

I think they were originally going to be very, small charms, but these are pendant size.

I think they are lovely!

Especially on her!! :)

If you're lucky enough to find yourself in the Santa Barbara/Santa Ynez Valley, check out the Waxing Poetic new, flagship store.  

To visit the Waxing Poetic website and see their beautiful -- and letter and alphabet friendly jewelry-- click here.
Find a store near you that carries the Waxing Poetic line by clicking here.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.
Go forth and flourish!


  1. Fabulous, Jane! Is there no end to your talent?!?

  2. Jane that is fantastic! They are beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous! WoW I think I'm 'speechless'.

  4. I love your lettering on that jewelry. SO beautiful. Good job on putting calligraphy in other artist hands. So wonderful.

  5. What a great job in your lettering as always! And how wonderful to collaborate with another talented artist.

  6. Jane,
    Brava, girlfriend! I LOVE the idea of marrying calligraphy with jewelry and your lettering on those pendants is really, really beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my "place", and for leaving such nice comments and links... I'm nearing the end of school and just cannot WAIT to get back in my studio on a regular basis!!! I just loe th inspiration I find at your "place"! xoxo

  7. Jane, how fabulous that your gorgeous lettering is engraved on jewelry now!! What a great duo you two make!

    Thanks for your sweet, encouraging words on my blog. That meant a lot to me!


  8. What a wonderful credit to your already wonderful name. These are fabulous! When I visit Santa Barbara next (now I have an excuse) I will stop in to see your work. I hope you received!


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