Friday, March 11, 2011

Calligraphy Flourish Friday- The Antique Page with Harvest Crittenden

©Jane Farr Calligraphy & Design LLC
The Calligraphy Guild of Indiana was fortunate to have Harvest Crittenden in town this past weekend for Harvest's "The Antique Page" workshop.  This piece above is a work in progress.   
When I am done, it is going to look like......
©Harvest Crittenden  - Acorn Arts
(Well....maybe....with any luck, it will sort of look like this.) 
This is Harvest's sample piece. It is even more gorgeous in person.

©Harvest Crittenden  - Acorn Arts
Speaking of gorgeous in person, this is Harvest. She is an amazing artist, calligrapher, engrosser and Master Penman.  She was inducted as a Master Penman at the 2010 International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH) convention in Orlando. Including Harvest, there are only 10 Master Penmen within the IAMPETH membership. 

©Jane Farr Calligraphy & Design LLC
In the photo above, Harvest is showing us beautiful examples of her antiqued papers and is explaining how she accomplished each of them.  We can't wait to get started!

Illuminated "J" by Harvest Crittenden
As an added bonus, Harvest demonstrated how to gild with Instacoll and patent gold. The paper was "antiqued" with a coffee stain.

©Jane Farr Calligraphy & Design LLC
Here are a few of my antiqued papers. We tried a variety of Harvest's secret recipes, each resulting in a different look.  This page was done with a combination of the raspberry, peach and walnut stains.
©Jane Farr Calligraphy & Design LLC
This page was done with the green stain, a bit of coffee staining and some tissue napkin collage.

©Jane Farr Calligraphy & Design LLC
The workshop was a blast! A giant, messy play date!  I look forward to aging these pages even further by adding some lettering and photo transfers.

Harvest Crittenden and Jane Farr
Harvest is a great instructor. She is very well prepared and thorough. Visit her website to see all her spectacular work and to see the other workshops she teaches. (Click here) She will be doing workshops for guilds in Los Angeles and Minneapolis in the very near future.  Harvest will be co-teaching the Spencerian Saga with Michael Sull this year.  She will also be teaching at the 2011 IAMPETH convention this summer in Phoenix.  Registration for the IAMPETH convention is now open for members. Have you registered?!  I have!!!  Registration will soon be open for non-members.  Spots are filling up. For more info, click here. Please let me know if you'll be there.  I'd love to meet you!

My Google Reader is bursting at the seams. I apologize for not being able to visit all my friends in blogland. Wedding season is in full swing for us calligraphers!  I hope to pay you a visit today and see what you've been up to lately.

Have a great and flourishy weekend!
It's March Madness!!!!!!


  1. Great blog post Jane! Looks like you spent a wonderful weekend. I love the pages with the hints of pink in them. Great job! See you at Iampeth.

  2. These papers are gorgeous! I took her class at IAMPETH and loved it. Can' wait to see your finished piece. I would love to go to IAMPETH but not sure it's in the cards for me this year. :(

  3. Wonderful post--Harvest is indeed an inspiring teacher. Jane, I look forward to meeting you at IAMPETH, my first convention!

  4. Jane - these papers are delicious and aching to be played with. SUch gentle tones and warmth in them - enjoy the next steps!

  5. That looks like so much fun! I recognize that gorgeous coffee staining! I love the look. Do you think it will hold up? I always wondered because of coffee's acid... wondered what it would do to the paper after a while?

  6. What fun, Jane! I can see why you are so anxious to play with the techniques you learned and add your beautiful calligraphy.
    I did notice that you and Harvest resemble each other...both beautiful!
    Can't wait to see a result or two so don't forget to play in between doing wedding envelopes...

  7. Beautiful papers Jane! Looks like the class was a blast.

  8. that looks like quite a paper process.....with fabulous results! beautiful, jane!! glad you enjoyed the workshop (your guild is so wonderfully active!) and i know you'll have a ball at IAMPETH! xox

  9. Those papers are SO cool! it looks like a great workshop-and what a nice picture of you both.

  10. Hi Jane! Yes you are right they can dance freestyle. I just love the Zig calligraphy markers. I have all the colors and use them all the time!


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