Friday, April 29, 2011

400th Anniversary of the King James Bible and the Folger Shakespeare Library - Calligraphy Flourish Friday

I was contacted by Swim Design Consultants seeking permission to use the above flourish. Swim Design was hired by the Folger Shakespeare Library to create a website celebrating the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.  The website has officially launched, and I'm very honored to have my little flourish be part of such a wonderful project!

The designers at Swim Design did an outstanding job creating and launching the site: 

Any lover of calligraphy, the King James Bible, printing, history, or the lettering arts in general will enjoy visiting the site and exploring the pages and pages of interesting facts, informative "how to" videos, and slideshows of early bible manuscripts. The Folger Library also has a very nice blog which you can access from the Manifold Greatness website. I found it all very fascinating, and the "Kids" section is awesome. I love the video of the kids learning how to cut a quill.

Learn more about Swim Design Consultants by clicking here.

(You can view my flourish on the Crossword interactive page in the kids' section, which can be accessed by clicking here.)

©Jane Farr Calligraphy & Design LLC
Here is a flourish I did this past week for a client job. It's a pretty large flourish (for me at least) at about 6 inches in length. 

©Jane Farr Calligraphy & Design LLC
I designed the second, companion flourish to be a little smaller - about 4 inches.
These flourishes were fun to do.  I'm happy with how the piece turned out and, thankfully, so is the client!  

Just a note to let you know I am praying for those of you that have had an extremely difficult week.
xo Jane


  1. It has always puzzled me why such great works aren't available in photocopy versions, for the calligraphy if nothing else.

    A recent BBC program on the KJ bible was equally fascinating btw.


  2. Jane, Congrats on being featured . . . again! Happy weekend to you.

  3. I love Folger--I teach Midsummer Nights Dream to 8th graders with thier materials. They're the best. It's really cool that you get to participate in such wide-ranging places with your work.

  4. Wonderful project for you Jane. Congratulations! Your flourish looks great on the crossword page. Beautiful client work as well. Looks like an exciting week for you!

  5. Fabulous flourishes all around. Congratulations!

  6. Spectacular flourishing, as always! How exciting that must have been to receive that request! Well deserved! I love the balance and flow of your flourishes! Lovely.

  7. So wonderful, Jane!! Looks fantastic. Congratulations.

    I adore your second piece - the flourish and the script! What fun lettering. I love it!


  8. ps...I meant the second two! I love them both equally - but the 6 in is particularly great!

  9. OMG! That's amazing, Jane! I'm so proud for you. It's so inspiring when you never know where a flourish will end up.

  10. This is sooo beautiful, Jane - your calligraphy as well as the quote!


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