Friday, September 9, 2011

Flourish Friday - Calligraphy Practice

©Jane Farr Calligraphy & Design LLC

The first evening of the 2011 IAMPETH convention, we were treated to a viewing of the Horace Healey Collection.  (You can read more about the collection by clicking HERE.)  There was one particular alphabet that really caught my eye with its over-the-top but gorgeous flourishes.  I enjoy trying to figure out how these letters were constructed.  I spent some time yesterday playing with the letter M.  Not an easy thing.  I tried it on graph paper first, not the best paper... or was it the nib....or was it the ink?  After changing paper, then nib, then ink, then paper again, and then nib again... I figured it was Finger-Movement-Only-Death-Grip-Jane that was the problem. :)

 As it is, this M makes no sense if you want to have lower case letters following it, but I think the original is just so beautiful.  You should go see it. I hope the following link to The University of Scranton Special Collections works:

The photo should be filename: iampeth_02_089. I'm not very knowledgeable about identifying which penman did this. Does anyone know?  The University of Scranton's Zaner-Bloser Online collection is an incredible resource. The home page for the collection can be found by clicking HERE.

Wishing you a wonderful and reflective weekend!


  1. Your "M's" look pretty gorgeous to me, Jane! Linda told me that she is going to be Iampeth pres. In 2012, I might get to meet you in person! The convention might be close to home. Yay! Have a great Friday, no new artwork on my blog, traveling in Minnesota and Iowa.

  2. So beautiful, Jane! You could use that style as a single mongram letter. It would be gorgeous.

  3. I know this post is rather old, but the new link is

    1. Thank you, Lance! I will update the embedded link.


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