Friday, November 18, 2011

Psalm 100 - Giving Thanks

My initial draft of Psalm 100 for Thanksgiving.

The accountant advises to spend as much as I can before year end. (Okay!) I'd like to purchase a wide format printer, so I can start making my own large prints.  I've done some preliminary research, but most of the reviews out there are made by and for photographers using photo paper.  I'm getting frustrated. Here is my plea: If you are using - or know of - a great wide format printer for making art prints that is currently available on the market (new), would you please let me know?  Here's what I'm looking for:

1. Can print at least 13" x 19" (longer would be great!)
2. Uses Pigmented Inks
3. Makes great prints - in both black and color - on watercolor style paper! (Any tips for great paper?)
4. Affordable

I'd appreciate any advice you can offer!

I am thankful for many things, including all my online friends!
I am also giving thanks for my loving husband. Today is Tom's birthday.
I am off to bake my favorite guy a cake!! :)


  1. If this is the initial draft, I can't WAIT to see the final piece!

  2. This piece positively dances Jane!!!!!! Brilliant!!


  3. Can't wait to see the final piece! I love it.

    ...and have fun spending all that money - you obviously earned it over the year!


  4. Great work, Jane and this is a first draft? Cant wait to see the final one. Will it have colours? Must be awesome then:) and birthday wishes to Tom :)

  5. Regarding you request about info on printers. Contact Holly Monroe in Cincinnati. I recall that she bought a pretty $$ printer several years ago for the same use that you are wanting. I can give you her e-mail if you don't have it. She might be able to tell you what to look at. P.S. I love the extreme vertical format for the psalm.

  6. Love it! I killed an Epson that had those functions and just donated it to charity the other day. It was pretty old and it was one Sheila Waters had recommended several years ago. She could probably update you on the best option today.
    Happy Birthday, Tom!!!

  7. HI Jane,
    GORgeous work as always. Happy birthday to Tom and good luck with your upcoming purchase!

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  9. Hi Jane,
    This piece is stunning! WOW.
    At Art of the Carolinas I took a digital printing class and the teacher had this one I think. He said his was about $300 but this one has a rebate. It is a great printer and I do think it has pigment inks. He also suggested the Canson Infinity papers. They worked really well with this printer.
    Here it is:

  10. Jane,
    Thanks for writing your blog, I have been following it since attending the IAMPETH convention in Phoenix. What a wonderful, friendly , helpful, sharing group of people (i honestly can't say enough good things).

    Compare the HP Designjet Large format Printers, Like the Designjet 130.

    William Tury, Phoenix Arizona

  11. Jane, this truly is a marvel! I love the vertical format, also... I noticed in a more recent post you purchased your printer and I'm anxious to hear how you like it! Merry Christmas, girlfriend!


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