Friday, September 21, 2012

Flourish Friday - IAMPETH Reflections: Will Flourish for Chocolate with Kathy Milici

My last class at the 2012 IAMPETH convention was Will Flourish for Chocolate with Kathy Milici. Above is the beautiful Kathy prior to class.
Kathy + chocolate =  A Good Time
OR you could reduce that to Kathy = A Good Time
(and I mean that in a good way...)
I'm pretty sure you would find Kathy's picture next to the definition of cheerful in the dictionary.  She does a great job of engaging her students. She's very clever and witty. This is the second class I've taken with Kathy.  I think she expertly blends both fun and serious study into her classes.

Kathy has the class recite The Flourisher's Pledge which she composed, hand lettered, and provided in our handouts.  

We spent the first half of the class learning the basic Do's and Don'ts of beautiful flourishing.  Kathy gave each of us a sticker to remind us of an important Don't:  No Plates of Spaghetti!

A full house!

Kathy answers questions during the break.  The Saturday classes were only half day - unfortunately! 

After the break we went through a step-by-step of designing and executing a flourish.  Most students did their names, but I did "Happy Anniversary" instead. We started on graph paper, penciling in an oval or football shape. (an American football that is....)  We moved on to tracing paper as Kathy stepped us through with tips and pointers about shape, direction, visual balance, etc.  We sketched in flourishes, adjusting our designs with pencil and eraser.

Once we had our design how we wanted it, we traced the lines we wanted to keep.

Then we inked our designs on to good paper.

I've already used my design! :)

I owe Kathy a sincere "thank you" for all the time she put into her handouts.  She takes her teaching seriously, and I appreciate the care and thoughtfulness she put into preparing for her class long before we arrived in Milwaukee.  (and also a big thank you for the delicious Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar - yum!)

The name of Kathy's business is 24 Karat Designs. She has a storefront located in Newton, New Jersey. If you're within traveling distance, Kathy offers calligraphy classes there. To visit Kathy's website or to arrange to have her come and teach at your guild, contact her by CLICKING HERE.

Have a great weekend everyone.
Go forth and flourish!


  1. Jane -- I was in that class as well, and it was one of my favs of the week. I agree -- her handouts are wonderful and I'm still working through them. LOVE your "happy anniversary"!

  2. Jane, thank you so much for the posts you made of the Iampeth convention. How nice for those of us who couldn't attend to be able to see it through your eyes (and pen)! Your Happy Anniversary is a work of art. Truly beautiful!
    I received your gorgeous envelope and posted it to my blog today:
    It's fantastic! I love everything about it. Thank you!

  3. I love your Happy Anniversary design with the hearts in the flourishing. SO beautiful!! Thanks for sharing, always inspirational!

  4. I would loved to have taken Kathy's class.

    What a great idea of flourishing within a shape! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. So beautiful! It looks like a great class. Gorgeous and inspiring! Happy weekend to you.

  6. Thank you Jane for posting your IAMPETH experience. It's been wonderful to live it vicariously through you! I really would have loved to have been there. The work you did at the convention is really stunning. You do beautiful work. Thank you for sharing!


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