Friday, October 5, 2012

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - 50th Anniversary

Hello friends.  I hope you've had a good week.  
Last month Tom and I were treated to lunch by Bill Lilly and his wife, Sandy. They mentioned they had just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  I made a little card for them to commemorate such a special milestone. Since it was their GOLDEN anniversary, it was the perfect opportunity to practice my illuminating skills.  I used Instacoll, 23K patent gold leaf, and my notes from Harvest Crittenden and Rosemary Buczek.  

I want to thank my sister for giving me this drying rack which she had rescued. It certainly came in handy this past week. :)

Thank you for visiting. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend.
Go forth and flourish!


  1. Jane, gorgeous heart. I love it. And gold leafing too. They received a treasure. Have a great weekend. xoxox

  2. Lucky woman to have lunch with them! Love your skills!!! xo.

  3. Love watching how you just keep getting better and better!!!! Such a marvel my lovely friend. xoxo

  4. What a special treasure for the Lillys - the heart and the gold - so symbolic. Perfect!!

    I am sure your lunch was full of wonderful conversation - a treat for all.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. ..and what are you drying? Can't wait to see. :)

  6. Such a very special gift to recognize their celebration!

  7. Jane, you never cease to amaze me with your beautiful work! This is SO gorgeous and thoughtful.

  8. Dying to see what's on the drying rack. What a good sister you have! : )


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