Friday, November 9, 2012

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Gelli Arts Printing Plate

Although I have been grateful for all the work I've had this year, I've missed having time to simply play in the studio.  A few weeks ago I decided to make the time to play.  The project: my anniversary card to Tom.

As I stated in THIS POST, I purchased a Gelli Arts printing plate after being inspired by THIS POST by Jane Royal.  I purchased the Gelli plate back in January, and it was still in its shipping box!  

I gathered some leftover paper, as well as paper made during THIS field trip to Twinrocker Paper.

I rounded up some stamps and other items that I could use for making texture.

Using THIS VIDEO from the Gelli Arts, I began to make prints.

My first print of many, MANY prints.  I kind of went nuts. :)

Another print with 3 layers.  I didn't really like this print, so I decided to tear it into pieces.

In typical Jane fashion, I liked the results for these throwaway pieces I used as masks better than some of my prints. I'm definitely NOT throwing these away now.

While attending a Nashville Calligraphers Guild meeting last year, I was introduced to this little, purple "X" Xyron sticker maker. I put it on my 2012 Christmas wish list, received it, and... you guessed it... it was still in the box!

I sketched some Neuland style letters onto the backs of small pieces from one of my prints. (Easy for me because the letters-T,O,M- didn't need to be reversed.) I then ran each piece through the sticker maker. 

Cut the letters out...

Pulled the backing paper away...

Stuck the letters onto the envelope and decorated. Fun!
It felt wonderful to try something new and to play.

To visit the Gelli Arts site, CLICK HERE.

I encourage you to work some play into your day.
Go forth and flourish!


  1. You must have the most amazing stash of supplies. I wish I could come play with you and make a paper/paint/sticker/ mess. Your patience to stop and photograph projects in the making is remarkable. I love your work!

  2. Your studio must be full of all kinds of fun things to play with! It is amazing the variety of things you are so talented in! Love this!

    Happy Anniversary!


  3. Glad you finally had the chance to play with your Gelli plate! Great results - hope you don't mind that I shared on our fb page :) Thanks!

  4. Jane, such beautiful work!! Very unique and full of rich texture, thank you for the link, too. Also: Happy Anniversary!

  5. i love it all Jane! How fabulous to play with the gelli prints and then the sticker machine! Oh my goodness. Too cool for school for sure. You guys have so many great gadgets over there...


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