Friday, December 7, 2012

Flourish Friday

We lost a wonderful person and great champion for calligraphy this week. This periwinkle lettering was done in memory of NYC scribe, Nan DeLuca.  Yesterday as I was waiting in a doctor's office, I saw a poster from THIS ORGANIZATION. It showed all the various colors of cancer awareness ribbons (pink for breast cancer, orange for leukemia. etc.).  Periwinkle is the color for stomach and esophageal cancer with which Nan was diagnosed just last month.  Nan is the third person I know to have died from stomach cancer in the last couple of years. All women. All in the prime of their lives. All gone within weeks of their diagnosis.

I feel so sad for all of us in the calligraphy community. But I especially grieve for her family. She was too young and gone too fast.

But we are not without Hope.


  1. So sweet of you to create this in Nan's memory. I still can't believe she's gone. Way too soon.

  2. Jane, this is beautiful, both the lettering and the tribute. It is so hard to understand and accept this kind of loss, and as you say, it's all too common. And it gets more difficult each time. Here's to hope for a cure!

  3. thank you for this Jane. Nan was so precious and I am so grateful to have known her. Thank you for the messages you share on your blog and the joy that you bring to so many.

  4. What a sweet tribute, Jane. You have a beautiful heart.

  5. Beautiful tribute for a beautiful person from a beautiful person. Thanks, Jane.


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