Friday, January 18, 2013

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Australia

Our son, Matt, will soon begin his time studying in Australia.  Tom, a child of the "JAWS" era, has nightmares (really!) that Matt will be attacked by a great white or box jellyfish or brown snake or poisonous spider or crocodile...well...the video below will give you an idea...

Matt will be studying in the wet tropics of Queensland.  As part of his grant requirement, he will be blogging about his experience.  He would appreciate all the followers and encouragement he can get. 
You can read his first post and follow his blog by CLICKING HERE.
His mom and dad would appreciate your prayers for his safety and protection.  Thank you!!

If you're interested in learning more about the Australian rain forest, its history, and the work being done there, then WATCH THIS VIDEO.   If you spend the time to watch the video, then you'll be dumbfounded to see history is repeating itself HERE.

...and now back to calligraphy...did you see that Jo Miller is having a giveaway at her new blog?  Jo is a talented artist and calligrapher. She makes beautiful holders for Dinky Dips from driftwood. I already own one of these beauties, and I love it.  The giveaway sign-up ends on January 24, so hop on over to Jo's blog and enter for your chance to win:  CLICK HERE

Wishing you a great weekend.
Go forth and FLOURISH!


  1. How exciting for your son and how nerve-wrecking for you, his parents. It sounds like a wonderful adventure. And after reading his first blog entry, I am sure his venture will be life changing in a positive way. You must be so proud to have such a insightful and brave son.

    BTW, thanks for the mention of the giveaway too.

  2. Jo's words expressed my sentiments! Here is my summary of feelings: It's a "WOW"...that's an amazing opportunity for your son along with "YIKES"...send prayers please.

    Will visit his blog and thank you for letting me know about Jo's giveaway.


  3. Hi Jane - I laughed as I read of your husband's fears and watched the video. We have this reputation for danger, but really, not a lot happens most of the time. I'm sure Matt will have an amazing adventure - what a great opportunity to travel across the word and study the tropics. Travel safe and yell if you need a hand with anything.

    1. Thank you for your kindness, Dear Fiona! Your comment has brought a measure of comfort to Tom. :)


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