Friday, February 1, 2013

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Gemstone Script

This image shows the front of the birthday card I made last year for my secret, calligraphy pal.   Knowing my Cal Pal's favorite color was red, I wanted to use red, stick-on gemstones.

First, I lettered the initial with pointed pen and ink.  Once dry, I enlarged the "D" using my copier.

Next, I slipped the enlarged copy under my good paper and placed it on my light table. Then, I began to place the gemstones onto the good paper using my copy as a guide.   I tried matching the smallest gemstones to the thinnest parts of the letter and increased the size as the stroke swelled.  As you can see I had to modify my letter, because I was running out of gemstones.

My 2012 Cal Pal was Doris Sisk, a gentle, quiet, encouraging, and inspiring soul.  Fellow calligrapher and blogger, Jan Hurst, wrote a wonderful tribute to Doris on her blog. You can read it HERE.

Go forth and Flourish!


  1. Beautiful and really creative. Thanks for sharing this idea!

  2. You gave Doris much joy in the last year of her life. She loved Secret Pals, and she felt blessed with your treasures. Thank you, Jane.

  3. Jane this is a wonderful idea, and what a great gift this makes. It turned out beautiful. Thanks for sharing how you did it. I just might give this a try. Linda E.

  4. The gemstone D is absolutely gorgeous! Stunning and wonderfully done Jan!


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