Friday, June 21, 2013

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Chalk Pen

I am in the second year as the president of the Calligraphy Guild of Indiana.  We have a great membership. That's because many of our members give, Give, GIVE of their time and talent.  My first calligraphy teacher and mentor, Ellen Simon, also gives of her kitchen table. It's a huge table, and we often have our summer board meetings around it.  I picked up this little hanging planter as a thank you to Ellen for allowing us to meet in her home this week. 

The container was a little plain. 

So, I pulled out my white ZIG Calligraphy Chalk Pastel Colour marker and dressed it up a little. 

That's better! :)

You can find several colors of these ZIG Pastel Chalk Colour markers at Paper and Ink Arts*: CLICK HERE

If you are interested in calligraphy and are not part of a guild, I urge you to join one.  Most guilds in the USA are especially eager to welcome young people.  The membership of many guilds is aging, and we need young people to whom we can pass down this beautiful art and craft.  You can find what I hope is an up-to-date listing of USA guilds on my "USA Calligraphy Guilds" page.  Keep in mind that some guilds don't update their websites as often as others, but don't let that keep you from contacting them about their guild.

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Enjoy your weekend friends!
Happy Summer!! (For us in the Northern Hemisphere)
Go forth and flourish!!

*I receive a small percentage in in-store credit for every purchase made at Paper and Ink Arts that originates from a link on my blog. Although this has not always been the case, it is now, and I wanted to make my readers aware of this.


  1. Wonderful! Everything you touch turns to, uh, chalk! Well, sometimes gold, too.

  2. Lovely gift Jane. Will the writing stay on the pot on its own or did you have to put a finishing spray on it? Those markers look interesting. I just might have to get some. Thanks for sharing. Linda E.

    1. Hi, Linda!
      I did not put any finishing spray on it. I don't know if it will be hung outside or inside, but I hope it will hold up! I ran my fingers across the first few strokes, and there was no smearing. So, that's encouraging! :) Others have asked if I painted the pot with black, chalkboard paint. I did not paint the pot. It is a ready made, black plastic grower's pot. Hope this helps!

  3. What a great gift and I love how the pen works. Thanks for filling in the details as well - no paint, no spray...


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