Friday, August 30, 2013

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Envelope Drying Racks

 Happy Friday, Friends. This week I was asked about the drying racks I use.  I use a few different kinds.

I really like the Print Gocco drying racks by RISO.  They come packaged two to a box. Each rack holds 20 pieces.  I bought mine locally and also from Northwoods Studio, but you can find them on Etsy, too.

The Gocco racks are nice because they hold most standard size envelopes... well as small pieces.  These racks work great for escort cards, place cards, name badges, tags, etc. They also stack on top of each other when not in use, so they can be stored easily.

 Some pieces do not work in the Gocco racks. For abnormally thick envelopes, boxes, very large envelopes, etc. I use a wire Compact Disk holder.  

I bought this one from Paper & Ink Arts, but I didn't see it in their catalog or on their website.  (No one buys CDs anymore, so they probably quit making holders for them.)
 You can find wire CD holders online or at Goodwill.  I like holders that accommodate big pieces like these mat and foam core boards. Not all wire CD holders would work for these pieces, but it looks as though Rolodex makes a 30 count holder that would work. 

 My wire CD holder does not work for small pieces.

These racks were given to me. They had been used as phone message holders in an office and were going to be thrown away.

This drying rack was given to me by my sister. It's the kind that is used in pre-schools for drying artwork.  I use it for drying pieces from my Print Gocco, Gelli Printing Plate, or for large, thin pieces such as these wraps for wedding invitation boxes.

This rack was given to me, and although I use it for other things, it doesn't work for drying envelopes or place cards.  It's too narrow and it also causes the pieces to fall against the wire. (Not such a good thing when the ink is wet...) Some have suggested stretching one of those hard, plastic Slinky type toys and fixing it on either end.  I haven't tried that, but if it worked, it would be an inexpensive drying rack.  

For Print Gocco drying racks from Northwood Studios, CLICK HERE and then click on "Accessories." You can also find them at Etsy by searching for: RISO Print Gocco drying rack.

I hope this information helps!   If you have found another drying system that works, then please leave a comment so others can learn about it.  Thank you.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.
Go forth and flourish!


  1. Dropping in with my Friday a.m. coffee, Jane! Thanks for the good & thorough info. Picked up a set of the Gocco racks at the IAMPETH auction--where we were missing you terribly, by the way!

    1. Thanks, Jody! :) Hope you're coming to Indy next summer!!!!!!


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