Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Book of Jane

I have finished binding my three books for the Cyberscribes' calligraphy book exchange! The calligraphy on the covers was inspired by the terrific lettering of Mark Brooks.

The Book of Jane
If you would like to see more photos, you can see them in my "The Book of Jane" set at Flickr. Poor Sheba.  I ran out of room and time, but she knows she's the treasured baby of the family.  Here's a little peak at my makeshift book cradle!



  1. All I can say is WOW!!!!Beautiful, Jane!! Thanks so much for your comments on my blog!

    I love this lettering. I wonder if I could do it?? Sure would like to!

  2. hi jane! words escape me! your books are ab-so-lute-ly fabulous!!! i love the texture of your papers, and the texture of your lettering. and, yes, the lettering!! my goodness! you have included SO many wonderful examples of great letterforms! your neuland rocks!! one of these days, i'd like to perfect that! and...i learned that we have at least three things in common (other than letterforms!): 1. i'm a hoosier, too! 2. i'm not an IU fan either! 3. my son would love to live in japan, too (maybe he could room with your son?!).

    and, i would be remiss if i didn't mention that your shoe box lid is probably the most CREATIVE book cradle that i've EVER seen!! i love it!!

    i know that the recipients of your books will LOVE them!! great job!

  3. Martha: Thank you! I am pretty sure there is nothing you cannot do!!!!

    Lori: Thanks so much! I have even more respect and appreciation for the beautiful books you make. Quit making it look so easy!! Non-I.U. Hoosiers unite! What part of Indiana are you from? My son really hopes to do a study abroad in Japan during college. He has his sights set on Osaka University. Thanks again for the encouragement!


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