Thursday, April 2, 2009

Calligraphy Book Exchange

The deadline for the calligraphy book exchange I'm participating in is fast approaching. Yikes! Here are a few of my pages.  This page is a comment on growing up as a Hoosier. (Although I am definitely NOT an I.U. fan!)  Our Japanese exchange student was most impressed by all the basketball goals he saw.  It's true.  Basketball is a big part of Indiana culture.  Evidently, Titivillus was sitting on my shoulder, because I see I accidentally lettered "and" twice in one spot....oops!

cards 086

Our books are to be autobiographical, so these next few pages are about my family.  I toyed around with Claudine Hellmuth's Poppet style, which is great fun.

cards 087

I usually have mad love for Arches Text Wove, but this sheet has been a beast.  Maybe it's because I added walnut ink and crumpled it up first, but the calligraphy has been a battle.  My nibs have been picking up fibers with every stroke....grrr!...but, my daughter Rach sure is cute!

cards 088

I like the style of lettering I did on Matt's page.  I just made it up.  I like the Legende typeface for its long ascenders and descenders, and I had that in mind as I was working.

cards 089

Hmmm....maybe I should do a page for our sweet, little dog, Sheba!


  1. hi jane! nothing like a deadline to get your pen in action, huh?! your book is looking great...and i definitely agree that your sweet little dog sheba needs a page!! (i've also had problems with picking up fibers on the arches textwove, especially when i'm using a pointed nib...your lettering looks great!) :)

  2. that little demon has a name! He has been harrassing me for years. The pages are darling and your calligraphy is excellent as always. Sometimes text wove will pick up fibers and drag the ink---arggg!! Maybe it was the walnut ink---hmmmmm. Good job!!!!!

  3. Yes, Sheba needs a page, too! Also I really really like the font you made up for Matt's page!

  4. How fun Jane. I'm inspired now to try Claudine's technique.
    Your work is lovely and I would go for a Sheba page...

  5. Thanks everyone! I am just about ready to bind the book, but I have client work that needs done first. Sheba is pouting and grumbling about my poor, planning and math skills. (If I add another page, I think the book will be too fat for the wrapper I've already made.) :-)

  6. Your illustration style is so appealing, great use of color! Definitely need to do one for Sheba!


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