Friday, May 8, 2009

Flourish Friday for Mother's Day

This Friday's flourish is in honor of Mother's Day.  Had I started studying calligraphy before I became a mother, then I would have had the good sense to give my kids names with both ascenders and descenders. (smile)  But I do love my kids' names: Rachel and Matthew.  This flourish works well for names that do not have descenders and also would be great at the end of a body of text such as a quote, poem, or bible verse.

Here is the flourish combined with my daughter's name.  I would redo the R to have it drop down and intersect with base flourish.  It's important to make sure the flourish doesn't make the l look like a b.

It works well with Matthew's name too:

I miss my mom terribly, but I continue to benefit from her love and example.  I pray I am the mother God wants me to be for Rachel and Matt.  To all you moms - Happy Mother's Day!


  1. hi jane! another friday of beautiful flourishes! you make it look quite easy...i've never had much success with them - they are actually much more difficult than they look!! happy mother's day to you too, sweet jane! :)

  2. I miss your mom too! :-) Happy belated Mother's Day, hope it was a good one!

  3. Hey Jane - Was reading some of your older posts that I had missed previously. . . I miss Mom too but giggle when I think of your question "how long would it take before . . ." ;-) Question: what's an ascender and descender?

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments! An ascender is the portion of a letter that ascends or extends above the waistline. A descender is the portion of a letter that descends or extends below the baseline. You can see a little diagram of "x" height, waistline, baseline, ascender, descender, etc. here:


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