Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Work Table Overfloweth

Years ago I learned a handy tip from my first calligraphy teacher, Ellen Simon.  She told me whenever working on a piece of paper that extends beyond my working surface, to slit a large wrapping paper roll and put it over the edge of my work table.  This technique prevents the paper from getting creased as I lean over the paper while working.  It gives the paper a nice curve to wrap around.

I am working on a Quaker style wedding certificate.  The bride and groom have designed a special mark, or seal, with their initials and a cross.  They wanted their seal incorporated into the piece.  I've masked off the rest of the certificate hoping to protect it.  (Otherwise this will become another "finished rough" draft!)

They wanted the seal to have a 3-dimensional look.  The bride provided a grayscale image of the seal, which helped immensely in determining how to accomplish a 3-D look.

The bride is of German descent, so I did the calligraphy for their names to reflect her heritage. The rest of the lettering is done in a modified copperplate.

I still have the border and illustrations to do.  The groom is from Texas, so there will be a few stars of Texas worked in for him.

I hope you'll check back Friday for this week's flourish!


  1. wow, jane! to say this is beautiful would certainly be an understatement! it's fabulously gorgeous! it's over the top fantastic! i think that you're going to make one bride and one groom VERY happy!! wonderful go girl!! :)

  2. This is fabulous! As always---takes my breath away.

  3. Jane, this is so beautiful! I love your step-by-step photos, too.

  4. Holy cow, Jane!!! I am now totally in awe and humbled by your talent... I am not even in the same stratosphere as you, and likely never will be... my style is so different! I certainly can appreciate your letters and flourishes, and now your sense of style and placement... oh my, simply superbly beautiful...

  5. I am a huge admirer of your beautiful calligraphy, and now I am blown away by your rendering of the "seal". Incredible job of making it 3D!

  6. This is truly spectacular! Thanks for showing the process.


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