Thursday, May 14, 2009

Moleskine Play

I needed to take a few hours break from wedding work.  I've kept journals off and on since I was in junior high, but only began keeping "art journals" since about 1999.  You can see more of my art journals here.  Every year I list as one of my goals to work more consistently in my various art journals, but it's hard to do when your work space and play space are the SAME space.  It felt good to clear a spot and play this morning, although I see I dated it two days from now. I must be looking forward to the weekend!

I love this poem by Emily Dickinson:

Crumbling is not an instant's Act
A fundamental pause
Dilapidation's processes
Are organized Decays.

'Tis first a Cobweb on the Soul
A Cuticle of dust
A Borer in the Axis
An Elemental Rust.

Ruin is formal - Devil's Work
Consecutive and slow -
Fail in an instant, no man did
Slipping - is Crash's law.

It's a good reminder that it's the small, daily choices we make that can lead to our downfall.
Here's to keeping the Cobwebs off our Souls!

(I'm sorry for any duplications - I had to edit this post.)


  1. it's just absolutely fabulous, jane!! and, oh so true about the cobwebs!!

  2. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool!

  3. Oh my, Jane! This is exquisite! I'd love to write more, but I have to run upstairs and play in MY journal, now that you've got me all inspired and excited! :D


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