Friday, June 19, 2009

Flourish Friday June 19

For today's Flourish Friday, I thought I'd show you a piece from the invitation suite I've been working on for my niece's wedding. She fell in love with an invitation she saw in an issue of Martha Stewart Wedding magazine. You can see it here. My niece has very good taste! The beautiful script was done by Master Penman John DeCollibus. You can see more of his beautiful work on his website here. Above is the original work I did with sumi and pointed pen on Canson Pro Marker layout paper.

I scanned and reduced my original work. I knew I was going to use my B6 Print Gocco to print the invitations. I learned on one of my Gocco groups that certain HP Vivera printer inks contain enough carbon to burn masters on the Print Gocco. I checked my HP printer, and sure enough, my printer used a carbon based ink. I was thrilled! No more begging my brother to lug over his old, carbon based photocopier to my house! The above is just a test sample I printed on black paper. My niece's colors will be gold and seafoam. I was very happy with the results of the HP-Gocco combination, especially that the hairlines were not lost.

Happy Flourish Friday everyone - I hope you enjoy your weekend!


  1. Jane you did a beautiful job on your niece's invitation! I actually like it better than the one in the Martha Stewart magazine. Your variety of sizes and flourishes look great!

  2. hi jane!! gorgeous letterforms and flourishes!! that's a great tip about the gocco....i've been babying my little photocopier just so i can still use my gocco!! you got a great print from your gocco....that's great that you didn't lose all of those fabulous hairlines!! :)

  3. GORGEOUS! Matt and I are so excited! And it definitely looks even better than the DeCollibus one!

  4. Very gorgeous! It's so awesome a Gocco can capture the fine details. I was super close to buying one, but opted on a tabletop letterpress when the prices on Goccos were sky rocketing. Your work is wonderful and I love to check it out from time to time.

  5. Jane, this invitation is gorgeous! And a nice Gocco printing job. I have the large Gocco printer, and of course, am now stuck with a very expensive, obsolete machine. Would love to find out where you continue getting supplies. I probably need to stock up.

  6. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!
    I can no longer find Gocco supplies locally, but had a great experience purchasing from Judy at Northwood Studios:


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