Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wedding Present Traditions

I just finished this piece for a client today. It will be a wedding present. These signs are a tradition in her family. God Bless This Home in three languages. After the line in English, there is a line representing the groom's heritage and then a line representing the bride's heritage. In this case Spanish and Polish heritages.

Then the couples names and wedding date are lettered in Holbein gold at the bottom.

My client's mother-in-law started the tradition years ago because she had a friend that was a calligrapher. Sadly, the calligrapher died within the past few years and my client was in search of a calligrapher to carry on the tradition. I fell in love with the project, as I had never seen lettering done this way.

I love the rough look of the brush letters and the blending and layering of the colors.

Here is the first sign I did. My client wanted to give one to her in-laws for Christmas last year. Her mother-in-law had always had them made for other family members, but she had never had one lettered for herself. I heard she was overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of her son and daughter-in-law's gift.

Do you have a traditional family wedding present? We always give the happy couple a nativity set. We received one as a wedding present from our college friends. I thought it was a great gift then and every year since!


  1. Wow... this is so beautiful!! I *love* the mixture of colors in the lettering... gorgeous!!

  2. Love the brush lettering and the colors are great. What a great wedding gift and family tradition. You did a great job on it and love the flourished flower! Oh, and no, you can never take that arbor down--it's beautiful!


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