Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's It For?

My daughter and I woke up early this past Saturday in order to get to the annual Coffee Break Design warehouse sale before they opened their doors. We met Mike and Christine Meador, owners of Coffee Break Design, at the 2008 Artiscape. They're great and giving people, and they make and supply the coolest stuff! Here's a glimpse of our take from the warehouse sale:

Once we got home, my loving, logical, left-brained husband, Tom, kept asking of each item, "What's it for?" To which I replied, "Well, ummm, hmmm...." The truth is I don't always know at the moment of purchase for what purpose I'll use a particular item. I just get that you could use that in your art feeling. Which is why this bag of acrylic tags found its way into my basket.

A few nights ago I woke from a deep sleep with the idea to use these acrylic tags as necklace pendants.
The wonderful Kathy McCreedy of Love Letters sent me a "Paper Salad" full of delicious paper swatches several weeks ago. You can read about her Paper Salad here. I took one of these terrific, little gems and traced and cut out an area to fit the shape of the tag.

Then I lettered a "K" with sumi and pointed pen on top of Kathy's paper and brushed the edges with a black stamp pad.

I punched a hole, added some of Mike Meador's double-sided Miracle Tape and affixed the acrylic tag.

I added a cord and a lobster claw clasp and now it's ready to wear. So now I can show Doubting Thomas "What's it for."


  1. WooHoo... great finds, what a fun sale that must be. I just had to laugh when you said your husband asked what something is for, those words sound all too familiar to me! Of course we don't always know at the time... but *someday* we might need it, it's neat, we can find *some* use for it! lol

  2. Oh my goodness---how fabulous. I have a wonderfully left brained husband also. He says the same things. He is especially happy if I Really DO use it for something artsie!


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