Friday, August 14, 2009

Flourish Friday - August 14

While at a bookstore last year, I stumbled onto a wedding issue of Somerset Studio magazine. As I was flipping through it, I saw beautiful illustrations done with a pointed pen by Linda Schneider. I couldn't get to the checkout fast enough! I was so eager to read the instructions and give it a try. Linda is extremely talented. You can visit her website here. She does work for Papyrus and you can see some of her designs for them here. I love doing these pointed pen brides. Everyone loved these bridal shower invitations. When I saw Linda was going to be one of the instructors at IAMPETH, I couldn't believe my luck. I'll have to save what I learned in her class at IAMPETH for another post, but it was pure joy!
Happy Flourish Friday everyone!


  1. what an absolute dream to be so inspired by an article in your favorite magazine....and then have the chance to not only meet the person who wrote the article, but also study with them!!!! i'm so happy for you that you had that opportunity! your invitations are positively gorgeous....i can't wait to see what you learned in your class!! :)

  2. Prettiest shower invites EVER! :-)

  3. Your invitation is beautiful. Your bride illustration is fantastic Jane! How do you do it??


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