Friday, August 7, 2009

Flourish Friday - August 7

C-C-See what I've been practicing? I could watch Pat Blair and Michael Sull letter all day. In the top two rows, I've tried a capital "C' that I saw Pat do during her class at IAMPETH. In the last three rows, I've practiced a capital "C" from one of the handouts Michael Sull gave each of us during his class. Michael said for a single, large, ornamental letter, he expects to use one, new Leonardt EF Principal, and then pitch it because it is worn and stressed beyond use. Wow! He only uses the Principal for special, showstopping letters. It's the only pen point that can produce such large shades. For most of his other work, he uses a Nikko G, which is what I used for these exercises.
Happy Flourish Friday everyone - enjoy your weekend!


  1. Who knew a letter could be so beautiful?!

  2. Oh my goodness, beautiful!!! I want to do that! Can't believe he only uses that Leonardt EF principal nib one time---!!! I like the Nikko Gs too. Great job, Jane.

  3. Beautiful, you have such amazing control with your copperplate!

  4. Hi, Jane,

    Thanks for looking into and commenting on my blog. Your copperplate is beautiful I had a class at the last conference with Mike Kesseg but I don't practice it enough. Did you meet my friend, Linda Schneider at IAMEPTH? She taught a class in faces, and figures with the pointed pen. She lives near me outside of Spokane, WA.


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