Friday, August 28, 2009

Flourish Friday - August 28

As promised, for today's Flourish Friday I'm showing you a few things I learned in Linda Schneider's "Faces, Figures and Florals" class at the IAMPETH convention. Linda encouraged us to bring ornate pictorial flourishing into modern times. Most people think of birds and quills when they think of ornamental penmanship. Although I can appreciate the skill required for ornamental birds, I don't find myself eager to make them. Linda challenged us to create contemporary, ornate, pictorial flourishing. By sketching any image (I got the bright idea of sketching a light bulb), you can then use the sketch as a template to fill in with flourishes. Then erase your pencil lines. This light bulb is very basic, but I have a long list of images I want to try.... crosses, hearts, stars, peace sign, birthday cupcake, baby rattle, etc.
Linda also had us try some faces. This is just the basic face. She wanted us to extend the hair by adding lots of flourishes. I liked what I had and didn't want to ruin it, so I stopped. I think I'll make copies of this face and then play with the flourishes.
She had us try figures too, which were fun. We also did a pot of flowers, but I cannot find mine. I really enjoyed the class and wish it could have been longer. Visit Linda's website here to see her lovely ornate pictorial flourishing.
Happy Flourish Friday!


  1. Great job on these flourished pieces! I like the girl with boots... really cute!

  2. Wow... these are beautiful! I love the light bulb!!

  3. I still don't know how you do those perfect flourishes Jane! And I love your drawing style.

  4. jane, you just blow me away!! not only are these fabulous, they're just downright fun!! :)

  5. Hi Jane! LOVE the lightbulb... who'd have thunk it?!? SO much more timely than those birds, etc, which I agree, are lovely in their execution, just not what I am interested in! Also really like the girl in the dress... I think you should consider shopping that image around to dress makers or department stores like Macy's... I could easily see her on the side of a shopping bag in NYC!!! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, it's great to be back!


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