Friday, December 4, 2009

Flourish Friday - Santa's List

On which side of Santa's List will your name be this year? :-)

Yesterday I was treated to a studio visit by one of my blog's followers! It was a real pleasure to welcome Marilyn from Tennessee and talk all things calligraphy. I think calligraphers are some of the most kind, sharing, and interesting people. Thanks to calligrapher and artist Jan Hurst for being the initial liaison. I appreciate all my blog's visitors and followers! Your comments and emails have really brightened my life this past year!! Big cyber hugs to each of you!

Go add a little flourish to your Friday....


  1. this looks like a list that santa would be honored to use (i just hope that my name ends up on the "nice" side....yikes!!)!! beautiful work, jane!! :))

  2. This is lovely!! To be honest, my name would probably be on both!!!!!

  3. This is great!! I would probably be on both sides depending on the situation! Thank goodness for forgiveness!!!!!!

  4. Isn't it awful that after seeing the list you've made, that I had to think about it first before deciding which side my name would go on!!ha!

    Lee Ann


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