Friday, January 22, 2010

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Photoshop Elements

My heartfelt thanks to each of you for your prayers on Madiana's behalf.  My daughter has received updates from Compassion International, but unfortunately they still have not determined the status of this beautiful, little Haitian girl.  I will certainly post to my blog when we do hear, but I would appreciate your continued prayers for Madiana and her family.

Ruth Rowland, an amazing calligrapher and lettering artist from the UK, has been my personal Photoshop cheerleader this past year.  I've shared here before about my frustration with Photoshop Elements. My husband bought me PSE Version 4 for my birthday several years ago, and I just couldn't figure it out. With Ruth's encouragement, I decided to take a class at the Indianapolis Art Center.  My class started last week, and it has been wonderful!  I did the lettering in black sumi with a pointed nib.  "Thank you" and "Ruth" are separate pieces, but I successfully layered them in PSE. I added some color and a background.  There is hope for me yet!!!!!  Thank you Ruth for your encouragement. You can visit Ruth's blog here

A little cupcake to use for birthday cards.

The lettering was done with sumi and a broad edge nib.  My instructor helped me make it pop by adding a blur technique on a layer underneath the lettering.

This is a butterfly I posted for Flourish Friday some time ago.  I am trying to add color to him, but he is a work in progress. (More questions to ask my instructor in next week's class!)  Oops. I see I've clipped the little guy's wings. If you happen to know of a good, reasonably priced source for having rubber stamps made, would you please share with me?  I am also going to check around locally. Thanks!!

Go forth and Flourish!


  1. These look fantastic, Jane! I especially love the butterfly - what a pretty rubber stamp that would make! I like for rubber stamps. It is very easy to upload your own design, preview it, etc.

    Will be praying for Madiana. I hope you receive good news soon.

  2. I'm so proud of you for learning new things to enhance your beautiful art.
    I have one source for custom stamps but I don't know what their pricing is. (cute name)and the blog is Let me know how is works out.

  3. Wow! You never cease to amaze me 'lil sis! I am so proud of your desire to learn new things plus your perseverance and dedication to your work. It's beautiful. ox

  4. congratulations on taking on photoshop!! it's not easy working through those frustrations, but your persistence has paid go girl!! your images look beautiful, jane....keep up the good work!! oh, and if you find a good source for the rubber stamps, please let us know.....i've been wanting to have some made too! hugs, :))

  5. Hi Jane - thank you so much for this lovely post. Your beautiful lettering has brightened a rather chilly and grey Monday morning here in London! Great to see you making such good headway so quickly.
    Keep up the good work, Rx.

  6. Welcome to the wonderful world of Photoshop! To cop a corny phrase ... it's a good thing! Looks like your learning curve will be quick. Beautiful work as always. :-)

  7. Well done, Jane! It looks like you're picking up Photoshop just fine. Love what you've done to the butterfly!


  8. Your photoshop work looks great! I love the lettering and effect you used on the psalm. I have just read about Madiana and will keep her and her family in my prayers.

  9. dear jane, did you use a special tool, like a pen tablett for this?


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