Friday, January 29, 2010

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Jan. 29th

This Friday's flourish is one I tried to duplicate from page 157 of The Universal Penman by George Bickham.   It was a tough one for me.  I should speed up to reduce the wiggles, but when I speed up my pen starts doing things and going places I don't want!

IAMPETH has mailed the 2010 convention information to all members.  If you like pointed pen work, I encourage you to join IAMPETH. You can visit the IAMPETH site here.  The convention looks as though it will be another good one.  Non-members will be able to view and register for the convention on February 19th.

Although we have not yet received official word on Madiana and her family specifically,  today we have learned that her child development center was moderately affected by the Haiti earthquake.  This means her center was located outside a zone officially reported as severe and the center has not reported any deaths.  The center has reported damage to homes and center facilities, but this is reason to believe that Madiana is alive and well.  Thank you so much for your prayers, and I will post when we hear specific word about Madiana.   I understand that specific news may take a very long time to reach us.

I see A Place to Fourish will be celebrating its 1st anniversary next week!  I think it's time for me to have my first giveaway.  hmmmm.... I will have to think of something flourishy to create.  Thank you all for taking the time to visit, read, comment and email me.  Blogging has been a wonderful experience.  I have met so many warm and wonderful people. Check back next week for the Anniversary Giveaway.

Go forth and flourish!


  1. This flourish looks really good. I know what you mean about the speed and control...hard to have them both together!

  2. Beautiful flourish! I can see where it would be very difficult... I may have to give it a try. It looks like a race track with lots of curves to slow you down. Which can be good and bad - good because I go so fast mine would fly off the track - bad because it can create trite lines because we are using constraint. You did a fabulous job (as always!). :-)
    I already registered! Did so on the 29th as a bday present to myself! :-) I can't wait! My first conference!


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