Friday, February 5, 2010

Flourish Friday - Giveaway!

A Place to Flourish celebrated its 1st Anniversary yesterday! Big hugs and sincere thanks to everyone who has shared this blogging experience with me.   I've so enjoyed making new friends who share a love for calligraphy, and I've been encouraged by all your comments.  To celebrate and share my appreciation, I am having my first giveaway. Yay!  Above is a little piece I did yesterday to include in the giveaway. I hope the winner will put it somewhere special to remind them that no matter where they are it can be A Place to Flourish.

These are the other bits of happiness in the giveaway. I tried to collect things that have been featured in various Flourish Friday posts this past year.  Moving clockwise, in addition to the "Flourish" piece will be a 2009 embossed Farr family Christmas card, flourished square border, page of photocopied Christmas mandalas, Psalm 16:11,  nib container, watchmaker's tin, wisdom stone, page of flourished ladies, flourished birthday cake, flourished Christmas tree, a copy of the Zentangle handouts I created for my local calligraphy guild, a mandala, a flourished butterfly card and envelope, and a "Jane Farr Calligraphy" folder to hold everything together.  

Here's how to enter:
Simply post a comment on this post below and include at least your first name.  If there was a particular post you enjoyed this past year, I'd love to know about it.  The deadline to enter is Thursday, February 11th at 3pm Eastern Time.  I will then randomly draw a winner using  One comment per person please. Anyone can enter!  International entries welcome!

......on to other important things....I do love Drew Brees. He's a Purdue guy afterall and took us to the Rose Bowl.  I am happy for him and the city of New Orleans, but Superbowl Sunday I'll be rooting for my Colts and my city....Go Colts!!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway by posting a comment.
Good luck and go forth and Flourish!!


  1. Wonderful give-away....Happy 1st Anniversary to Friday Flourish! I think my favorite post was your Zentangle class at your guild. I love the idea of Zentangling letters. If I win the drawing, I'd love a copy of your class handouts!

    I am a displaced Hoosier. Go Colts!

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a generous giveaway!

    I've enjoyed soaking up your beautiful images. I especially love your Christmas tree and the placement of the colors. Gorgeous!

  3. Congrats on your one year anniversary.

    What a lovely giveaway.

    deborah150 at hotmail dot com

  4. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for being a great inspiration. What a generous give-away ... count me in!

  5. Congratulations on surviving & thriving during your first year of blogging! Through your Flickr page you introduced me to an art I hadn't really known before; now I look forward to your work & enjoy it greatly. It's inspired me to try my hand at Zentangles, which are great fun! Keep up the good work & thanks for sharing it :-)

    AKA littlebrownwren@Flickr

  6. Great blog and wonderful flourishes!! Love the butterfly!

    Bridget Smith

  7. Jane, I look forward to your Friday posts. Your blog, especially when seen in grouped retrospect, has an elegance to it. How could I pick one Friday over another? Happy Anniversary to you!

    One thing I especially enjoy is browsing the other calligraphy blogs you cite. Just not enough time to dawdle, dream and play!


    Jan Hurst

  8. HI, Jane, Beautiful work and your Flourish Giveaway is so beautiful!
    Thanks for keeping the art of Calligraphy alive and beautiful.

  9. Great idea - very generous to share so much of your beautiful artwork. Hard to select just one piece of yours that is a favorite - all of them. But I do enjoy your mandalas!
    Catherine, in the mountains of NC

  10. Congratulations on your first year! I read all your posts even if I don't usually comment, and as I'm learning calligraphy (and am particularly interested in copperplate) your blog is a huge inspiration to me. It's hard to pick a favourite post but I do remember the Ornamental Franktur post around November or December being one I really enjoyed :)

    Looking forward to another year!


  11. Congratulations on 1 year of blogging! I enjoy looking at your blog!!!

  12. ~~Happy Birthday to your Blog~~
    I love looking at your work. It is all so beautiful! I especially like the cake and the flourished tree.

  13. Congratulations on 1 year! Always looked forward to Fridays...but now I have another reason! Such beautiful work and how generous you are to share your talent so openly with the world. Go COLTS!

  14. Go Colts!! I love your work!! I love that you are so creative and are always coming up with lovely new ideas. I loved the Mandalas the circular calligraphy -the wreaths were amazing.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Dear Jane,
    I tried to leave a comment to your blog but alas I haven't turned techie . . .

    will you add it for me, if you can?

    Pick me! LovE your blog which I've been following ever since I received your beautiful decorated envelope last summer. ConGraTulations!! I especially like your Zentangles which I haven't yet learned how to do, your birthday cake and Gosh, I love it all. You are the Queen of Flourishes. I took a class with Diane Von Arx at Island Magic and found out you can't learn how to flourish in one workshop. Anne Atkinson

  16. OMG - I can't believe it's been a year since you started your blog!? Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. I always love viewing your work even if I don't comment each week. You probably already guessed my favorite Friday would be September 4 "Wedding Calligraphy". It was such a special post for our family plus . . . it made me cry! Sweet little Tay-tay. Even though I'm not a calligrapher I still want to be entered in the give-away. I love your art! ox

  17. congratulations on your bloggyversary jane!!! and boy, when you celebrate, you really go all out.....what a generous giveaway!! i consider each and every one of your posts my favorites.....your letterforms are true inspiration, and i SO appreciate you sharing your talents with us!!
    hugs, :))

  18. Happy One Year, Jane! I love all your post. I find them to be inspiring and I've learned so much from you. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents. It's been a pleasure to get acquainted with you.

  19. Happy Happy Anniversary!! Hope to see some more great and inspirational work from you.
    Keep blogging:)

  20. I love the fact that you are so eager to share what you are learning.
    My fave was the circle thingies or was that on Flickr? Your blog is the best!!

  21. Happy Anniversary, Jane! It's hard for me to pick favorites because I like everything you do. But if I have to choose, I'd say your Primitive Calligraphy, the birds on the wire painting, the Parallel Pen demo, and your Fruits of the Spirit paintings. OK. See??? I couldn't pick ONE :-)

  22. Please enter me in your new give away! Thank you for your generosity. I've learned so much just reading your blog and practicing what you show! Don't stop! Kim Tackett

  23. Love all of your work and am so glad I got to meet you. Should I be a winner of one of your lovely pieces it will be hung on my "Wall of Fame" where I display the work of all people who have helped me with my calligraphy as teachers, in workshops or thru friendships.

  24. Jane,

    I love your posts and look forward to them each week. You are an inspiration in both your work and your consistency. Two of my favorite posts of yours were the post on embossing and the one on your creative journey. Thanks for always being encouraging and always sharing.

  25. Very nice! What a great giveaway! Congrats on your anniversary, too. My favorite is the butterfly piece, please count me in!


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