Friday, March 26, 2010

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Purdue Boilermakers

Our family is pretty nuts during March Madness.  Even Sheba (the dog) has a bracket! Her picks are based soley on mascots, and no cats are ever picked to win.  Her bracket is busted now, because she had the Washington Huskies winning the tournament.  Poor Sheba.

Our Purdue Boilermakers are in the Sweet Sixteen! This is despite everyone picking us to go out early after we lost one of our leading scorers to injury.  Tonight they take on Duke.  I know they can do it, but it will be a tough game for the Boilers.  Duke's a great team.  We usually root for Duke, unless they play a Big Ten team (well, excluding I.U. of course).  My husband got his masters at Duke. We were newly married and moved from Detroit to Durham.  We remember those two years fondly.  It is a beautiful area.  I worked at a law firm in Chapel Hill. All the attorneys were UNC grads and huge Tar Heel fans.  We did plenty of trash talking around the water cooler. :-)

This lettering is fun to do.  I added the names of the players and the head coach into the letterforms.  I learned this style of lettering from Barbara Close.  You can check out Barbara's website here.

Here are some more "Textured Letters." This is a page from my Moleskine journal.  I misspelled the author's name. (Sorry Bruce!)  The correct spelling is Bruce Mau.  You can visit his website and read his complete manifesto here.

Whether you're a college basketball fan or not, I hope you have a great weekend.
Go forth and flourish, and Go Boilers!
....Boiler Up!!


  1. Hey Jane! I love your lettering!! Love those textured letters. I need to do some of those. Did you learn that from Barbara Close? I love her. Well, our little team, Wofford, was in the payoffs but lost in the first round. My husband and son both went to Wofford and we were so excited that they had gotten that far. They played here in Jacksonville and son, Zach, got to take off time from work and go. Our son in law went to UNC Chapel Hill so we are Tar Heel fans too---that is when the Gators aren't playing!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. OH, that lettering is so fun. I liked the pick that Sheba made. We are Husky fans too. And IU too, but I'll root for Purdue since you did such fantastic lettering.

  3. I LOVE this lettering Jane!! So fantastic, the colors, all your detail, really fun. I'm not a sports fan (don't hold that against me), but for you, Go Boilers!

  4. Little things say so much about how a person lives. What a beautiful image I now have of you and your family. Go boilers!

  5. Oh my gosh... I love it!! That lettering is fantastic! :)

  6. your "boiler pages" are fantastic, jane!!! i love these barbara close letters....i took a workshop in orlando with her several years ago....we had a great time creating letters and eating chocolate (not always in that order!!). have fun boilering up this weekend!! :))

  7. I love the letters!! I'm going to check out Barbara Close.

  8. Jane, I think this is one of my favorites you have done! My husband is a huge Carolina he has been bummed this year ~ but still watching. I pretend to watch, but am not as much of a fan, until it gets to the final four. :)
    Love this!!

  9. Jane, just found your blog while doing a little surfing. I love calligraphy, and yours is fantastic. I just started my blog about two months ago. Come over and take a peek.
    Again, lovely work


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