Friday, May 7, 2010

Angela Cartwright & Sarah Fishburn - Pasticcio Quartz Flourish Friday

Last November the amazing Angela Cartwright contacted me to see if I would be interested in having my work featured in the "Focus On" section of her and Sarah Fishburn's zine. Angela had seen a piece I had done for Connie Freedman as part of an art swap that Renee Troy had organized. (It is a World Wide Art Web, isn't it?)  Of course I was extremely flattered, and above is the page of my work they designed.

Angela and Sarah publish this magazine ( or "zine") called Pasticcio Quartz (QUality ART Zine). It's a 8.5 x 8.5 high quality glossy book they self publish 3 times a year. Issue 9 focused on Adornments. For the link to Pasticcio Quartz click HERE.

Visit Angela's main website by clicking HERE.
Visit Sarah's main website by clicking HERE.
**Warning: allow plenty of time to enjoy the labryinth of the art and talent you'll find at their sites.**

This is a close up of a Mother's Day mandala I did. I used a Hiro 700 nib and gouache.

For all you moms out there, Happy Mother's Day!  I hope Sunday is a celebration of you. For many, Mother's Day can be a bittersweet day, and I think of you and know better days lie ahead.

The text around the mandala reads:
Mother's write on the hearts of their children what the world's rough hand cannot erase.

Go forth and flourish!


  1. Have admired your work for a while now and am just getting around to commenting. Love how you use color in the offhand flourishing! Congratulations on the nice 'zine spread.

  2. congrats on having your gorgeous flourishes published in angela and sarah's zine!!!! how exciting....and very much deserved!!!! your mother's day artwork is stunning, jane.....i hope you have a beautiful mother's day! xox, :))

  3. Oh wow!! You go girl!!! Congratulations.....!!! I haven't visited their blogs yet but I am on my way there. Happy Mother's Day to you too. That is a beautiful flourish!!!!

  4. Oh Congratulations Jane, that's wonderful news. I have one of their zines, and I enjoyed it very much. The Mother's Day mandala you created is beautiful, and love the saying around the side.

    Thank you for visiting me and your sweet comments!

    Happy Mother's Day!!

  5. Jane,

    I LOVE the mandala - the flourishing, the colors and the paper!! Just gorgeous.

    I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day.


  6. Beautiful, Jane! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  7. Hi Jane. This Mandala is beautiful. Have a Happy Mother's Day.


  8. So cool Jane! You deserve the publicity...
    Have a great Mom's Day!

  9. Congratulations! That page of your work is amazing. I love this Mother's piece... it's beautiful!!

  10. You helped make the issue rock, Jane!
    Thx again for letting us "share" you with our readers!

  11. How exciting to be in Pasticcio Quartz...your work looks beautiful Jane!!!
    Love your Mandala too. Happy Mom's Day : )

  12. I'm so proud of you! ox kj
    P.S. Happy Mother's Day!

  13. Congratulations, Jane! What a nice addition your work makes to the zine! Guess who forgot to have the mother's day mandela framed. Too busy to think! Mom got flowers, so now I'll have it framed and she'll get your gorgeous mandela as a bonus gift. Won't she be surprised!

  14. Hi Jane,
    Congrats on your publicity! Your work is so beautiful!

  15. Wonderful work Jane!!!! Congratulations on the article!

  16. HEE HEE--you're so funny, Jane!!! They were really fun to do. Did you watch the video with Eliza? Have you heard of her? She is a fabulous calligrapher and has a book called Brush Lettering that is very good. She teaches at conference.

  17. That is so cool, Jane! I can't even imagine what a third-party endorsement like that must feel like. I get all goosebumpy when someone just comments on my blog. :o) Congratulations! They clearly know talent when they see it. You're work is flawless.


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