Friday, May 14, 2010

Graduation - Calligraphy Flourish Friday

Graduation season is upon us!  
Like many people, Jeremiah 29:11 is one of my favorite verses from scripture.  I like to include it in the graduation cards I make for family and friends.

This quote is another I like to use for graduation cards. (2014 update: Unfortunately, this is not an accurate quotation from Thoreau's "Walden" and needs to be redone.)

...and another favorite! :)

My sweet, iFriend, Marilyn, sent me a bunch of templates after this post I did about embossing our Christmas cards. After reading my post, she decided to try embossing and cut a bunch of templates on a die cutting machine. Great idea! She made a set for herself and made a set to send to me. What a treat! Thank you Marilyn!! I used the graduation boy and girl templates Marilyn sent to emboss the fronts of these cards. Inside each card is one of the quotes from above.  I'm trying to stay on top of making these cards each day as the grad announcements and open house invites arrive. 

Here is the front and back of Matt's open house invite.  I'm pretty sure I will be an absolute mess with the first few notes of Pomp and Circumstance. (sigh) 
A friend and I were recently discussing how as young mothers, whenever our little "darlings" were pitching a fit in public and getting on our last nerve, inevitably some well meaning woman would happen along and say, "Oh, enjoy it. It goes so fast." Part of me knew it to be true (and part of me wanted to doink them in the eyes!)  Now, all of me knows it to be true.  It went so fast....

Go Forth and Flourish (and that includes the Class of 2010!!)


  1. Beautiful and inspirational Jane! In June will be at my "baby's" convocation. Very emotional. Congratulations to Matt!!!

  2. Ah, Jane, I love your commentaries on your life. The part about when your kids were little and the well-meaning older women giving advice...I am now that older woman! It is so true! I'm seeing it again with he changes every time I see him!

    Congratulations on the graduation!

  3. Hi Jane,
    Congrats to Matt! It is a very exciting time. I love your calligraphy as always. Thanks also for your wonderful comment-
    I'm having a pretty good day.

  4. all of your hand-lettered sentiments are absolutely gorgeous, jane.....and can we just talk about that beautiful open house invitation.....wowza!!!! this is such an exciting time of year.....especially when there's a graduate in the house. congrats to your sweet matthew! i know that it's bittersweet to see our babies go on to the next phase of their lives.....but just remember, when it comes to our kids, we're never too old to doink other people in the eyes.....! hee hee hee xox, :)))

  5. Oh my goodness... these are wonderful! Very, very special. Congratulations to Matt! :)

  6. Jane, Your cards are wonderful and so are the quotes. You really amaze me. Congratulations to Matt on his graduation.

  7. Very cute invite for Matt. And, congratulations to Matt!


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