Friday, July 30, 2010

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Capital E

This job proves that exercises such as the one I posted this past Friday come in handy.
The bride and groom had three capital E's between them.  They wanted each "E" on their wedding invitation to be unique.

I love making E's, and "Elizabeth" is an especially great name to letter.

Happy Flourish Friday!!


  1. wow, not only are the E's different, the whole name is. Cannot choose which I like best, they are all beautiful!

    My middle name is Elizabeth. Always liked it better than my first!!!

  2. Beautiful Jane! I love doing capital E's too!

  3. Love this! My middle name begins with E, my maiden name begins with an E and my last name begins with E.

    My dad's first, middle and last name began with E.
    Yes...all about the E's in my family!

  4. Es are beautiful letters when done well, as yours are! I find I really have to work hard and concentrate when I make flourished script Es. In fact, the upper entry stroke I usually make last. Weird I know, just the way I have to do it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jane, I love making E's too! One of my favorites. These are stunning!!

    Thanks for stopping by to visit me and leaving such kind words. It made my day!

    Have a beautiful week~~

  6. Maybe by next week I can make an "E" like yours! I am very excited and really am looking forward to refocusing on my roots! Wish you could be there.

  7. Love that you posted these! The invitation that they were created for turned out beautiful, and one will be on its way to you soon!


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