Friday, July 23, 2010

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Exercises

I confess. I am a sucker for ornamental, capital letters. (Capitals, upper case, majuscules - whatever you want to call them.) I love to find different examples of each letter that I can practice. The more they are flourished, the more I drool over them.  I also enjoy trying different nibs.  It makes practicing fun, and I learn so much in the process. (For instance, I learned this paper and the pointed pen despise each other! lol!!)

You can find all sorts of delicious examples at the IAMPETH website.
Thanks for stopping in at A Place to Flourish!
Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. from where i'm sitting, it looks like your nib got along great with that paper.....your flourishes are beautiful!!! you make it look waaaay too easy!!! have a great weekend! xoxo, :))

  2. Jane, I truly love this!! What kind of accordian paper is that? I would love to get some.
    I think the way you have arranged this is stunning. I keep going back to look at it.
    I have been out of town and have missed your Flourish Friday!
    Hope you are having a great summer ~~

  3. Jane, this is impressive! I love the way it is so systematic and organized--no wonder your work is so beautiful. I was wondering if you keep flourished letter samples in the little alphabetical file in the background?!?

  4. Practicing is definitely relaxing and fun. Yours doesn't look like practice but it does tell me why you are such a fantastic calligraphy artist. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

  5. Wow, that page is gorgeous, I can't imagine the time that it took to letter. Have a great day, Jane. xoxox


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