Friday, May 20, 2011

Flourish Friday - Contemporary Illuminated Letters

Here are a couple of baby cards I made recently using decorated capitals.  At a Calligraphy Guild of Indiana meeting in early 2009, Erika Woods showed our guild what she had learned in her class with Nancy Culmone at the Letters Mingle Souls conference.  The examples Erika showed were beautiful - very subdued and earthy.  I am creating an A-Z alphabet which I'm calling my "Colorific" alphabet. (As in color terrific hopefully and not color horrific.) :)

Speaking of bright colors, have you seen the Jelly Belly masterpieces? I meant to include a little blurb and link back at Easter, but I forgot.  Until June 1st, the Indianapolis Children's Museum is exhibiting the works of Kristen Cumings.  Kristen created eight mosaics of famous masterpieces, including "Mona Lisa" and "Girl with a Pearl Earring" using...Jelly Belly jelly beans!! 

After June 1st, the exhibit will be displayed at the Jelly Belly Visitor Center in Fairfield, California.  You can check out the entire gallery of Jelly Bean Art at the company's website by clicking here. (There's even a William and Kate...oops...Catherine piece!)

Have a great weekend everyone.
Go forth and flourish!


  1. The 'M' is absolutely beautiful! This will certainly need a frame for the newborn's room! Needs to be out where everyone can enjoy!
    Thanks for the link to the jelly bean art - crazy, incredible!

  2. These are too cool, Jane! And I'd love to see the Jelly Belly exhibit before it goes away, but doubt I can. Too much going on to make the trip. : (

  3. Love these, Jane--so uniquely you! And glad to hear the Jelly Belly art is coming this way.

  4. These are beautiful. What sweet baby cards! :) The jelly bean art is too fun!!

  5. The colors are terrific! I love the M! Lovely projects as usual.

  6. These letters are perfect for the delight of welcoming a little one into the world! I love the colour and exuberance within them. I also headed straight over to the jelly bean art - how amazing! Thanks for both bits of beauty.

  7. Beatufiful decorated letters! I love the delicate colours you chose!

  8. Hi Jane! Thanks for you comment today. Guess who is coming to my studio for a workshop in June?? Denis Brown! He is coming to Miami to their guild and heading through Jacksonville to do one for our small group before he moves on to his next place. We are excited although I am not sure I will be able to do his style of avant garde calligraphy, but I guess we'll see!

  9. Your letters are so pretty, Jane. I always know that when I come to visit, I will be inspired.
    Big hugs, my friend.


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