Friday, May 27, 2011

Flourish Friday - Paper Shops in Florence, Italy

August 2011 Update: I've added a pin for our favorite gelato place and a pin for our favorite restaurant. I've learned you paper lovers also love good food and gelato! :)
This past semester our daughter, Rachel, had the good fortune to study abroad in Florence, Italy.  Tom and I went to visit her in March and enjoyed every minute of it!  

There were so many wonderful little paper shops that I thought I'd share a map of my favorites. They're marked with the blue pins. You never know who might be planning a trip to Florence. (I hope this works, because it has taken me forever to create this map!)

Florence: A Paradise for Paper Lovers
Here is a peek at the deeeelicious papers I purchased.  They are so pretty that I'm afraid I won't use them.
Why buy leather boots when you can buy paper?!
I know I should have bought leather boots, because the prices were so good.  I just couldn't stay out of the stationery stores: Scriptorium, Pineider, Fabriano, Il Papiro, Johnson & Relatives (a favorite), Vannucchi. Giannini Giulio & Figlio (a favorite).

Looking for bargains in Il Papiro.

Rachel & Jane outside Scriptorium
Rachel and I couldn't afford anything in Scriptorium, but luckily looking was free.
Blackletter inside the Duomo
There's beautiful lettering to be found everywhere. This blackletter was inside the Duomo.

Overlooking the town of Manarola, Italy.
We made a daytrip out to the coast.  It was gorgeous! Here I am daydreaming about having this view from my studio window! :)

Happy weekend everyone.
Go forth and flourish!!


  1. Oooh, lucky you, Jane! Can't think of a place I'd rather not buy leather boots! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I loved Florence and I think i hit most of the flagged shops... LOL! At least I feel like I did... wish we had more time there, though, honestly! Spent much of the time there viewing The David... WOW! incredible.. lucky you! Love, love LOVE!

  3. Oh you went to Florence? Great!! I am still in love with this place, isnt it enchanting? I also gone mad over Papiro shop, got some nice brass nibs and pretty papers which still scared to use them.

  4. Gotta get there! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing the great photos.

  5. So envious of your trip to Italy. For me, a future dream . Hopefully, not to far into the future.
    It would be hard for me to choose between leather and paper as well. I probably would have purchased both :o)
    Thanks for inspiring me to continue to dream.

  6. HI, Jane, think I just tried to leave a comment and blew it so leaving it again. Sorry I have been so slow in commenting on posts lately. I love the pictures of Italy and if I were to ever get there, the stationary shops would be just where I would want to go too. Blessings on your week.

  7. Manarola looks fantastic! Other than seeing your daughter, what was your favorite part?

  8. Oh my goodness... sigh... beautiful! I would love to visit Italy. Someday! :) How neat that your daughter is studying there... what does she study? Off to talk to my husband about a trip... ;)

  9. oh I'm going in October and I'm a total paper lover and mixed media artist! THis was like a little blessing from heaven! thank you!

  10. Thanks for the map! We're going to Florence tomorrow and I was hoping for a good samaritan like yourself. Wish I could print it off my smart phone! {:-D


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