Friday, July 22, 2011

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - IAMPETH Reflections

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The IAMPETH convention was terrific.  Jenny Muffler picked a fabulous hotel, and she and her crew worked tirelessly for over a year to ensure that all the attendees had an enjoyable experience. Of the 200 or so that attended, about 90 were first timers.  I think that's great. The folks at IAMPETH really go out of their way to welcome newbies - whether they're seasoned lettering artists or pen-rookies.
I hope you'll seriously consider attending the 2012 IAMPETH Convention in Milwaukee (August 6-11).

My first session of the week was "The Artful Flourish" with Heather Victoria Held.  I love dessert, and starting the week with Heather's class was like getting to eat a fabulous dessert at the beginning of a seven course meal.  I've admired Heather's work ever since I received one of her bird flourishes in the first Cyberscribes ATC exchange in April of 2005. Over the years I've continued to be amazed by her beautiful work and light touch. It was a privilege to finally meet Heather, be in her class, and observe her as she worked. I did the piece above in Heather's class. Such fun!!!

To visit Heather's blog, click here.
To visit Jenny Muffler's website, click here.
To visit the IAMPETH website, click here.
To visit the welcome page of Cyberscribes, click here.

My heartfelt thanks to those of you who introduced yourselves to me in Phoenix.  I always enjoy meeting other lettering lovers!
Have a flourishy good weekend everyone!!


  1. BEAUTIFUL Jane, just like everything you do!
    Heather's class was indeed delicious and the icing on the cake. What a wonderful week we had…so glad I could share it with you and so many exceptionally talented penmen! Milwaukee get ready!

  2. This is awesome Jane!!!!! It was such a treat to finally meet you. This is a beautiful gem on your blog. Love that delicate green ribbon. Thanks for the kind words about my work and class. It was fun!


  3. Just beautiful, Jane. I can see Heather's influence and know she is a great teacher and person. I am so glad you got to attend. It is the best group of people! They made me feel like I fit right in, from the first time I went in 2005.
    I love your flourish and colors. So sweet.

  4. Your piece surely makes Heather proud. Beautiful!!!

  5. Beautiful, Jane! I was thinking you'd be at IAMPETH! Glad you had a great time!!!


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