Friday, July 29, 2011

Calligraphy Flourish Friday - Wedding and Copyright Blog

©Jane Farr

I thought I'd share one of my photos from my niece's beautiful wedding this past weekend.  I did a post a few weeks ago about her invitations I designed, which you can see by clicking here.  I appreciate all the kind comments and emails I received.  Now that I feel more comfortable with Photoshop, maybe I will do more invitation design!

While at IAMPETH, I told a number of people about an intellectual property blog I enjoy following.  I promised to include the info in a future post, so here it is...but first a little background.  Nolo is a company that explains and provides resources about the U.S. legal system in a way that is easy to understand. Many years ago my then business partners and I used Nolo's resources to create an operating agreement for our small jewelry business.  We found Nolo's resources invaluable.  I recently used Nolo's "Getting Permission" book from my library to help me construct a Merchandise License Agreement and an Artwork Permission Agreement for my calligraphy.  I enjoy following Nolo's "Dear Rich" intellectual property blog, because I want to know the facts about copyright, trademark and patents.  I regularly see artists make comments on forums about copyright that are misleading and inaccurate. The Dear Rich blog is both funny and informative.  In each post they answer artists' legal questions about music, film/video, performance, and the visual arts.  I highly recommend adding this blog to your reading list.  At the very least, visit the blog and comb through some of the past questions/posts.  I'm sure there will be one question that you've wondered yourself, and then you'll be able to read the answer!  (For instance, click here for a question and answer regarding a photo on Facebook.) You will also be able to see a list of the books and guides Nolo offers such as: The Craft Artist's Legal Guide, Protect Your Rights as an Artist, etc.

To visit Nolo's "Dear Rich" Intellectual Proper Blog, click here.
To visit the main Nolo website, click here.

I'm still trying to get caught up in the studio. I promise to post something a little more calligraphic and flourishy next week!


  1. Your niece is beautiful like her aunt. How nice that you were able to have such an integral part in her very special occasion!
    Thanks for the NOLO links. I'd visited that site years ago, but had forgotten all about it.

  2. Lovely couple and photo! Ahh-weddings are good for the soul! Thank you for the info and the links, I'm off to check them now. Happy weekend!

  3. What a beautiful couple. Congratulations to them. Thanks for the link... sounds like a great site! :)

  4. What a beautiful couple!! That gorgeous invitation definitely set the tone.

    Now, I am off to see this blog as I have SO many questions all the time. Thanks for the link!

    Have a great week.


  5. your niece is absolutely gorgeous, jane (i see it runs in the family!!)!! i remember the invitation that you designed.....also gorgeous!!

    thanks SO much for the NOLO information......i'm so legal-illiterate when it comes to my own artwork (well, actually, i'm kinda legal-illiterate when it comes to just about everything...!). xoxo

  6. Jane, another great resource for NYC artists is . I took a class there earlier in the year and I highly recommend it.

    PS. I know I've been very MIA. A lot of "unexpected stuff" came up.

  7. Thanks to Lila for the additional resource! I believe the link she provides above should be:


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