Friday, October 7, 2011

Flourish Friday - Steve Jobs

Jane (Kline) Farr and the Apple II
Our friend, Johnny B. (the Computer Science major), was an Apple guy long before most of us.  I'm pretty sure his Apple was the only one in the entire dorm.  This was taken in the fall of 1982.  I'm not sure what game I was playing, and I'm not sure about that cowboy hat, either!  I just remember the Apple was fun.  We loved playing on it. That was what Steve Jobs did. He made computers fun.  He made technology cool.  Johnny B. eventually got the Apple IIe, and then we were addicted to Super Bunny. :)

I also admired Steve Jobs for recognizing and paying tribute to his time studying calligraphy at Reed. The world seems a little less fun and a little less cool today.

I wonder what the average number of Apple products are in the typical college dorm today?

Wishing you a great weekend. I'll be back next week with some lettering; I promise.
Rachel and Matthew come home for Fall Break today - I can't wait!


  1. Steve definitely changed the entire world with Apple! His energy, passion and innovation will always be an inspiration.

  2. He was one of a kind, indeed. Such a great loss.

    I love that photo of you!!

  3. HI, Jane, what a great picture of you with the Apple. i got the first little square Mac in 1982 and was terrified that I would break it. Haven't we all come a long way since then. I put a little tribute to Steve on my blog too. Amazing how we all connected with him in some way or the other. Have a great weekend and thanks, as always for the shout out about my blog. You are the best. I don't even know how to do that????

  4. Oh, and by the way, still have that great smile today as you did way back then !!!

  5. here's my apple tale:

    (and remembering that globalisation was a lot slower then, ie - apples took a while longer to reach the aussie shores - you'll see that our early mac moments are suprisingly similar..... minus the hat!!!!!)

  6. Cute pic, Jane! I'm a late-comer to Apple and this morning I've created a minor tragedy (it may be major if no one can help me fix it.) While updating a blog, I stuck a memory card in the CD/DVD slot in error and I haven't been able to get it out! Help!!! Panic setting in.

  7. okay, so how cute are you, little letter lady?!!!! i would have SO wanted to be your college roomie!! love the computer, love the cowboy hat, and i love, love, love how happy you look!! thanks for these wonderful words about steve jobs......i totally agree, the world seems a little less fun and a little less cool with his passing.

    i hope you've been enjoying a wonderful week with your sweet family!!


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