Friday, March 30, 2012

Flourish Friday - Rosemary Buczek and The Illuminated Letter

If you had told me last week that *THIS* is what I would have to show for signing up for CGI's workshop with Rosemary Buczek, I wouldn't have believed you!

Rosemary provided each of the workshop participants with a pre-printed outline of the design to be illuminated.  The design and the lettering are Rosemary's.  She instructed us on how to apply Instacoll with a small, synthetic brush. (20/0 Round, Princeton Art & Brush Co. 3050R)

We then applied 23K patent gold leaf to the inside of the A and aluminum leaf to the apple tray.

Rosemary taught us how to paint the letter using Winsor & Newton Artist's Watercolor and a Size 0 Raphael 8408 Kolinsky Sable brush.

You could have heard a pin drop as we all worked so diligently - concentrating on the fine details.

On day two, Rosemary taught us about medieval manuscript painting in the Dutch grisailles style.  The apples were painted using this grisailles technique.  It is labor intensive but oh-so-beautiful!

For many of us, it was the first time to paint so purposefully with watercolor.

I finished the final details at home.

Our happy group! Thanks goes to Tootie Horn for sharing her group images. (Don't look too closely; I roughly combined three different images in order to see everyone clearly.)  Rosemary is in the back row, third from left.  She is a giving, gentle, unassuming teacher and an all around lovely person. If you get the chance to study with Rosemary, seize it!

Thank you, Rosemary (and Steve!), for preparing a wonderful and informative workshop!! I loved it.  Thanks to CGI Workshop Chair, Kathleen Rollick, for making the arrangements for Rosemary to come and teach in Indy, and thanks to Pam Skora for being an exceptionally easy houseguest!

You can learn more about Rosemary, view her amazing work, read about her workshops, and shop for lovely gifts at her online store by visiting her website, The Gilded Quill:  CLICK HERE

I also had a delightful time catching up with Jody Meese this past Friday!! (Although that L.S. Ayres Tearoom Chicken Velvet Soup wasn't quite how I remembered it....) :)  

Enjoy your weekend.
Go forth and flourish!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Jane! Love the detail work you did!!!

  2. Jane, your work is just stunning!!! It looks like a wonderful group, too.

  3. Absolutely stunning! I have taken a few of Rosemary's classes and they are so inspiring! What a treat to study with her for two days. She is delightful.


  4. Perfection, Jane! Just beautiful. Makes me wish I had signed up for it!

  5. absolutely gorgeous
    i enjoyed reading the details of how you breathed life in to this. thank you.

  6. WOW!

    How exciting to have studied with Rosemary! Your work is lovely, as always!

  7. Okay, now I'm REALLY sorry I was in the natatorium rather than the scriptorium! So close and yet so far... This is incredibly beautfiul work, it looks like it was a fabulous class, and note to self, must learn more about Dutch grisailles technique! As always, your detailed report is much appreciated. Lunch was memorable, thank you--now it's your turn to come to SF!

  8. Jane - it is BREATHTAKING! Bravo!


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